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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Mocktail Review

I was recently contacted by the team at My Cocktail to review some of their latest and new products - 'mocktails' - aka non alcoholic cocktails! The company behind these brand new 'mocktails' are a Manchester based team who specialise in distributing pre-mixed cocktails in pouches, therefore eliminating the need for purchasing and mixing all the different ingredients, drinks and products yourself. The fab idea is perfect for when you don't have the effort or funds to go through the process of making a cocktail up yourself and means that upon buying the pouches of drink, you can pour them out straight and enjoy the cocktails as they are without any additional mixing.

Their new range of mocktails are absolutely ideal for when you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail but don't want to suffer the hangover that comes with them! Cocktails are delicious with or without alcohol and sometimes I myself have found that I'd love to treat myself to a cocktail without actually having to drink any alcohol. Mocktails are perfect for situations like these, or even when you do want to drink them on a night out but you want to start slowly - you can also add your own alcohol to mocktails which means you can drink them by themselves as non alcoholic or add as much or as little alcohol as you like.

I was sent their two brand new mocktails to review which were 'Woo Woo' (a personal favourite cocktail of mine from my student days!) and 'Pina Colada' (which I'd never had before but was delicious!). 

I tried the Woo Woo mocktail before a night out with my friend and thought it was delicious. I tried it as it was and my friend had hers with some vodka mixed in - I tried both and honestly could not taste the difference! It was a really nice change to drink whilst we were getting ready together because it kept me in the spirit but stopped me having a bit too much before we'd even left the house. I really liked the fact that I didn't have to miss out and still felt in the party spirit even though essentially I was drinking something that was non alcoholic.

I tried the Pina Colada mocktail with my Mum when we had our weekly Saturday night takeaway and again, I thought it was delicious. The Pina Colada was my Mum's favourite and she said it tasted exactly like a Pina Colada cocktail should. Again it was a nice idea - even though I wasn't heading out that particular night, it was nice to still be able to drink a few mocktails as it was Saturday night after all!

I absolutely love this idea and think that a mocktail is something everyone could benefit from. These mocktails are perfect for situations like a nice summer BBQ or a house party or just getting ready to go out - they are ideal for when you want to get in the mood but don't want to overdo yourself. Additionally, I think they are also quite good for anyone who might be pregnant or something and don't want to let on just yet, or even designated drivers on a night out or at a party.

MyMocktails are the perfect delicious and sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative to two of the most popular cocktails. They are definitely something I will purchase again, most especially for any BBQ's or parties I have coming up.

Mocktails - and other products by the team at My Cocktail - are available in most ASDA stores ready to serve, costing only £2.49 per litre! You can also click here to discover your nearest stock list or to find out more about their different products, and you can join their Facebook page here to be in with the chance of winning prizes weekly.

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