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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This post is a little bit off subject but it's something that's quite important to me and, as many of you live local or close to London (or visit the city regularly anyway!) I thought it would still be of interest.

I'm very happy to be able to say that the website I've been helping relaunch for the past few months is finally up and running! is essentially the go to guide for anything going on in the city - whether you're looking for a quirky restaurant to eat in, a free guided tour or you just want to know about any events going on whilst you're in London.

My main role as the editor has been providing all the written content for the website - so if you go on and click on anything listed under 'Editor's Choice' - that's all provided by me! Additionally, pretty much any feature on the homepage links to my content.

As someone who adores London, both for its tourist attractions and also for its hidden away quirky hidden gems - being the editor of this website is pretty much my dream. And what makes it different from other websites is that my content isn't just about what's popular - I've found out about things through word of mouth, I've done research and I've actually visited these places. You'll honestly find things on this website that you wont on any other (one of my favourite hidden gems I've suggested is a bar that to get access to, you need to provide a password to someone and then enter through a fridge door!).

There are also loads of discounted tickets and attraction entries on the website, as well as loads of exciting upcoming competitions.

So if you're ever in London, or you're just eager to see some of my writing in a more professional point of view then please do check it out. I'm so happy to be part of this huge project!

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