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Friday, 6 July 2012

Come Dine With Me - Blogging Style!

Over the past few months I've discovered two things - 1) There are LOADS of local bloggers and they're all really bloody lovely and 2) Actually, thanks to constantly drooling over the delicious recipes on pinterest (food porn) - I've actually come to enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. So, I thought about how I could combine the two and finally find an excuse to meet all those other lovely local bloggers that I have yet to meet. My answer? Come dine with me - blogging style!

It's simple really (thank god for the TV show, we don't have to make up any rules!) - we just follow the same concept as in the show, each person hosting a different week/fortnight as opposed to doing this every day - and we all attend, eat delicious food and vote on it. Unfortunately we won't be able to offer a £1000 price though :(

If you're not comfortable letting a blogger in your house we can always have the different nights at a venue and as we all live locally, we can see about car sharing/sharing a taxi to save money. And don't forget the excuse to obsess over all the finishing touches by themeing each night ;)

It also allows for loads of blog content too - we can post up our recipes, our reviews of each host's night, the scores etc!

Would this be something any of you readers would be interested in doing?


  1. AHHHHHHHHH this is such a genius idea! I SO wish I lived up near all of you guys, so that I could take past. I'm a mean chef, me. (Not really, but for the sake of this comment I can pretend!)

    I really hope some lovely bloggerfolk get involved in this; it's genius! Xx

    1. Aww where do you live? I'm sure I can't find it anywhere on your blog haha. That's a shame though, you can join in virtually :D xxx


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