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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Snapshots of how I've spent my week

Week of 4th - 10th June

1. Beautiful sky at 4am I couldn't sleep last night (I lie - I was actually watching The Walking Dead & 28 Weeks Later) and saw the sky looking beautiful when I headed up to bed.
2. I dyed my hair! Not really...but I did download this ace app that you can use to see what your hair would look like as another colour. Purple has been a colour I've been thinking about for ages now and after seeing that picture, I think it suits me! If work allows it, I'm gonna dye it ASAP.
3. Live long and prosper! Me and my parents watched Star Trek yesterday and I had to laugh at when  Spock did the 'Live long and prosper' with the salute and all three of us did it in return...we're such geeks! I pretty much grew up watching Star Trek thanks to my Dad but never liked it, yet I love the movie. It just goes to show how much difference an awesome director (J. J. Abrams) and amazing/hot actors (Chris Pine, Anton Yelchin and of course Simon Pegg!) makes!
4. Rocking the curtain outfit look since '84! My brother nicked loads of family photos for some project he's doing and returned them today so we all sat around and had a good laugh at them. What my Mum used to dress me in was ridiculous! And that's not even mentioning the boy haircuts with the uneven fringes...
5. Wasn't I adorable?! 
6. Yummy roast dinner I haven't had a roast dinner in weeks so it's safe to say I pretty much ate all of this

This week I've been -

Reading...50 Shades Freed & I heart London
Listening to...The Downtown Fiction
Playing...Angrybirds on my phone
Smelling of...Harajuki Lovers Fragrance - Lil' Angel
Perving on...Cameron Leahy new job!

I started my new job this week! It's pretty cool, I'm quite pleased to know I've got loads of responsibility and everyone is nice and friendly. On Thursday we had our uniform evening - Next are quite strict about what you wear as it can't be too casual or too over the top. As well as that, everything you wear has to be from Next's current season, so they gave us a budget and as long as we stuck within this budget we could by whatever for 75% off! I'm training at the moment but things are going to be pretty busy next month, as that's when the new store opens. So we've got that opening AND we've got another uniform day to buy more uniform as it'll be the new season stock coming in. This also means there will be a big sale not long after the shop opens so it's going to be quite busy. I had the girls round for a movie night as well this week but unfortunately I've been too skint to do much else. I've not yet been paid from my other job as the lady I worked for isn't very well, and obviously I wont get my first pay check until next month. It's just as well really as the weather has been horrible this week, I did go out shopping with my Mum and Nan but I only bought a book and of course we got caught in the rain. Mum's got the week off next week though so hopefully the weather will be nice! It's my Dad's birthday next weekend and Father's Day so we're going to take him out on the Sunday. On Saturday I'm off to The Only Way is Blogging event in London which also means I'll finally get to meet the lovely Bex and Lisa which I'm really looking forward to - they live so local that hopefully this will be the first meeting of many!

Finally I'll leave you to a song I can't stop listening to. This is Cameron Leahy from The Downtown Fiction (their EP has been on repeat ALL week) but I've particularly taken a liking to him, he's so good looking and his voice is just purely amazing. I adore this cute video of him!


  1. Really glad you're enjoying your new job! And 75% off?! You lucky lady, you!

    That purple hair really doesn't look like it's computer generated, I thought it was real, and thought BLIMEY, that actually looks super hot! Few girls can pull off purple hair Missy, and you are one of them! If work do let you, you should totally embrace the violet, it's beautiful!


  2. the hair is wicked. do go for it! ;)


  3. Thanks! 75% was only for the uniform, but other than that we still get a 25% discount..such a great perk!
    Thanks as well for both your compliments on the hair, usually I dye my hair weather it suits me or not but even I think it definitely suits me! Really hope work lets me do it haha :) xxx


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