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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Re : Dear Girls, Don't Be Insecure

My Dear Girls, Don't Be Insecure post has proven to be one of the most popular posts on this blog so far, being home to a lot of debate, thoughts and comments. Generally the idea of the post was to express that girls should be more confident in their own skin - nice clothes, styled hair and perfectly applied make up DOES help someone's confidence, I don't doubt that, but the whole point was to try and get girls and women to remember that confidence doesn't come from those things. Confidence is about loving yourself the way you are and accepting that sometimes being confident wearing no make up at all is a hell of a lot more sexier then someone wearing make up and who is insecure.

I love the idea of this blog giving a positive message - inspiring people to read new books, try out new make up looks, take an interest in more serious issues but generally I want this blog to help all of you readers become the best that you can be and use these inspiring posts to feel a little bit more confident. Okay, so a book review may not necessary cause someone to immediately lose all their insecurities. But if it inspires someone to pick up a book and have a read, then that's my job done. Because to me, one book can make a lot of difference. It can provide that small escape from your perhaps hectic or stressful life, if even just for a moment. It can inspire you to hope that everyone deserves a happy ever after, or it can inspire you to work hard to get the same opportunities that the main character may get. Generally speaking, I don't feel the necessity to explain why I hope each of my posts have an inspiring or positive message behind them, because as readers, you all already know that.

I have had a lot of negative comments regarding the Dear Girls, Don't Be Insecure post. Some of them have brought up some good questions - is a girl still considered beautiful (inside or out) if she's a 'crack whore?' or 'Is a gorilla sexy?' (No idea why that was brought up!). And I've had some darn right stupid comments too such as 'You're a fat bitch' and 'Fat people are disgusting'. In actual fact, what I personally find disgusting, are the people who feel the need to find their way onto this blog and anonymously leave negative comments like that.

I don't like negativity on this blog at all, however I am surprised at the debate this post has seem to have caused. In most of my comments I've explained that negativity should be taken elsewhere but in actual fact, now I invite you to all voice your opinion if you so wish. I'd love to hear some of your responses, even the negative ones that may bring up debates - but I don't really tolerate completely nasty comments saying straight up that some types of ladies maybe ugly or disgusting. If you think that, please do take those thoughts elsewhere because I don't know why you're on my blog in the first place.

So yes, I posted that particular post to help you all hopefully feel a bit more confident (or at least to help you take the steps to) - not to cause a massive debate about what really constitutes as 'beautiful'.

Again I'd like to note that generally everyone is beautiful in their own way - whether its by looks or personality - and everyone should let go of their insecurities and try and be a bit more confident.

Please feel free to voice your opinions on the post or on the Facebook page as I think voiced opinions would be more suited there as opposed to a blog about positivity and being inspired/inspiring.

Stay confident girls!


  1. God some people are so stupid and downright rude. i had a girl the other day say my nails were disgusting and one that said i blatantly buy my prizes on my blog and i haven't won them! lol. i feel pretty inspired by the fact that the only thing they could find wrong with my appearance was my nails! lol xx

    1. That's a horrible thing to say!
      I'm quite lucky in that I don't really take that stuff to heart - an anonymous comment made over the internet isn't really brave so I don't take notice but I don't think the people who make these comments actually think of the effect it has. Unfortunately it's a common occurrence that people make these comments without thinking first and sometimes they make these comments to people who may already have low self esteem and therefore it leads onto a serious issue and can be considered as a form of bullying!
      I think that would make me laugh though to be fair, who even makes comments about someone's nails?! That's so ridiculous haha! xxx

  2. Wow, I would not have expected any negativity towards the mentioned post, not at all! It was refreshing, inspiring, and honest, and that's what blogs should be!

    Don't take note of the ignorant pigs who are happy to just abuse/insult people anonymously on the blogosphere. You're absolutely beautiful, and reading your blog always brings a smile to my face, or makes me feel funky about living, or inspires me to go and do something creative. Job done Missy! You are fabbety fab! xXx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's so nice to know that the message I was trying to broadcast with that post and the message I try to broadcast with this whole blog is well received!
      I didn't expect negativity either BUT it has enlightened me a little in regards to how people feel about the subject! And it's gotten me a lot of blog hits too, apparently when someone searches 'dear girls, don't be insecure' on google, the first image result directs to this blog, so at least thats a good thing haha!
      I didn't take any notice at all, pathetic anon comments don't effect me but your lovely comment did put a huge smile on my face :) xxx


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