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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Project X

Just a quick post to say if you haven't seen this film yet - you need to watch it. Now. It's every parents worst nightmare and every teenagers biggest fantasy - an out of control absolutely amazing party. I hate the word epic and never use it to describe something but honestly? This film is bloody epic. As is the amazing party that we all so wish we could throw/attend. 

It's produced by Todd Phillips who directed The Hangover and that says it all really, doesn't it? I read somewhere that it's like Superbad are the events running up to the party, Project X IS the party and The Hangover is obviously the after effects of said party. Plus this film has a really awesome soundtrack.

Watch it now!

It got me thinking about the different parties I've had over the years. Yes, I'm quite lucky in that my parents are easy going and excluding when I was away at uni, I'd be having a house party every summer. Here are some stories that I had to reminisce about.

  • Doing karaoke at 3 in the morning, a massive group of us singing/screaming at the top of our lungs to Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses etc
  • Getting married - by a friend - in the back garden to someone I fancied at the time. Yes I kid you not, he's a registered minister in Florida or somewhere so technically if I go to Florida, I'm married
  • Finding out one of my friends smoke (she was a goody two shoes) shortly before she passed out on the lap of another party attendee
  • Wearing heels and stepping out into my back garden, my shoe heel getting stuck in the gap in the guttering that ran alongside the door and having to cry for help as I physically could not remove myself from the guttering. This happened three times. I never learnt my lesson.
  • My boyfriend at the time deciding to strip completely naked in my back garden to all my friends, whilst I was half passed out in my room. I was more angry at the fact that as his girlfriend, I missed it, yet all my friends saw!
  • Bringing down my guitar and having different blokes serenade us all and performing for us!

Yep each of these are 100% true and I'm sure there are many other things that I've forgotten to mention...and this isn't even including the stories from the nights out I've had!

This film has also reminded me that sometimes it's alright to be a bit silly. No matter how many responsibilities you have, you're NEVER too old for a decent night out. Sometimes it's hard to forget that when you're piled down with work and you've got so much to do, life really is passing you by. Of course I don't recommend that you burn a whole street down BUT even nights when you really shouldn't go out - you're skint, you've got work in the morning - sometimes these nights turn out to be the best ones. 

It's all about finding the balance between working hard and playing hard. If you're out 24/7 anyway this probably doesn't apply to you but if it's been a while since you've been to a good party then forget about what responsibilities await you the morning after and just go out and have fun. When you're old you'll never look back and think about the amazing memories you had staying in each night and working, will you? No, you'll remember the epic last minute nights out you've had that probably shouldn't have happened but led to amazing nights, amazing friends and amazing memories.

Go out and let your hair down ;)

(But be safe too!!!)

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