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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Prodigy Red

Recently I was sent a top from the lovely team at Prodigy Red and their website has fast become one of my favourite online shops.

Prodigy Red is a site that offers beautiful but affordable fashion – most of which is often featured in magazines or is extremely similar to that of celeb outfits. Unlike most sites, the fashion really is affordable, but is still excellent quality. I’ve said many times before that sometimes when you buy something cheap the price is reflected in the poor quality (for example we all know Primark can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but at paying so little we don’t really mind as we can easily replace an item for next to nothing) but this wasn’t the case here.

The top I received was perfect quality – the material was soft and the top fit well. I loved the basic design of it, in fact the top was perfect for a casual day like the one I’ve had today (I’m hungover so I’ve not done much at all!). It’s really cute and looks quite cute just paired with some pastel blue jeans.

There are so many things I have my eye on, most especially the dresses below! I’ll definitely be purchasing some of these dresses when payday rolls around. It’s rare to see genuine nice things on a website that offers items for so cheap as again sometimes the cheaper something is the tackier it can look but Prodigy Red definitely is not tacky and even stocks some beautiful vintage dresses like the ones I’ve posted below.

Additionally, I found their customer service to be very helpful and friendly which is always a nice bonus and helps towards the reputation of the company! I can't wait to purchase the blue vintage dress, it's definitely my favourite.

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