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Friday, 22 June 2012

Pet Insurance

This post is a little different from what I normally blog and although it might not affect all of you, it’s definitely something that needs to be said. You’ve seen me blog about my dog Jasper so many times, because I love him to pieces! We’ve never had pet insurance in regards to Jasper, but so many times we wish we had.

I’ve literally grown up with Jasper; I still remember the day we brought him home. My cousin’s dog had had lots of puppies and my Mum and me ‘went to have a look’, although my Dad knew we’d end up bringing home one of them! He was this tiny ball of fluff and it’s so hard to believe how big he’s grown.
Unfortunately though, Jasper is very clumsy. The amount of times we’ve had to take him to the vets is ridiculous! A few years ago my sisters ex boyfriend took him on a long walk through some cornfields, and Jasper ended up getting some corn stuck in his paw! He’s also had teeth out and a tooth infection and I can’t remember what else, but my point is that we’ve had to take him to the vet and pay for his operations and everything loads of times.

We’re quite lucky in that we’ve always been able to afford the costs of the numerous operations Jasper has had, despite never having pet insurance. Not paying for the operations were never an option as we love Jasper so much – he is more than just a pet or dog to us.

But I can understand that some people might not be able to afford the costs of healthcare for their pets and might not have insurance. It’s a horrible thought – I can’t ever not imagine being able to pay for operations that might save Jasper’s life, and I hand on heart absolutely feel for someone who might have to go through something like that.

Which is why it’s so important to have pet insurance! You might feel like you’re wasting your money by paying for insurance – paying to cover something that might not ever happen – but you never know when insurance can make a difference – especially when pets get old. A cat or dog’s life is worth so much more than losing a bit of money each month.

We’ve always wished that we’d gotten pet insurance and I hope that we will always be able to afford the costs of Jasper’s healthcare without insurance.

Like I said, I know this post is a bit different, but it’s just a small reminder as pet insurance is something easily forgotten.


  1. When i had my 18 year old cat insurance was something my parents never got, at the age of 8 they didn't insure pets over that age and when he was 14 he got a kidney problem, which couldn't be covered as it was pre existing,which has cost us a fortune over the years he was alive on 6 monthly blood tests, then every 3 months, and tablets but he was worth every penny, since he passed away I've made sure my new cat is insured on the best life cover, and my dog!lol!
    you just never know do you, I never mind paying £10 a month just to keep a piece of mind that if anything happens my pets will be ok.

    I hate the people who just don't appreciate there animals and don't think responsibly and cover them, then can't afford to pay the vet fee's and have to get them put down.

    My pets are like my babies.

    Great post :) i always think this subject needs to be brought up more.

    1. Aww bless you, thanks! I thought the post was a bit out of place but it's nice that you agree it's something that needs to be said. You're completely right, it's always better to be safer then sorry, even if it means taking a risk and paying £10 a month or so, not knowing if its even needed or not.
      Jasper is like my baby too, pet's really are part of the family, you wouldn't refuse to pay the costs for a family member so why would you with pets? xxx


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