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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Friday Night Feast

This is just a quick post to let you all know about a fab deal that Domino's have running at the moment. I'm a massive fan of money saving and love passing on tips to find the cheapest option of doing things. I also love junk food and takeaways - sometimes it's nice to just relax with a good movie and have a takeaway delivered right to your door - it saves cooking (or at least saves cooking something that turns out not to be very tasty like in my case) and the washing up!

Last night I had the girls round for a movie night and we ordered Domino's. So the movie night actually turned out only to be Paranormal Activity 2 with lots of gossiping (as opposed to a marathon of all three of the films like we'd planned) but the food was lush!

All of this only cost £25!
We decided on the amazing 'Feed Four for £5 each' deal which I thought was quite frankly perfect - at a mere £5 each you get so much food! This deal included two medium sized pizzas, two sides (garlic bread pizza and wedges) and a large bottle of coke which is more than generous. As it was Friday, Domino's were also doing a deal where you got a free tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream if you spent over £25, so we added another side (chicken strips) and a couple of dips so we could get the free ice cream. The tub of ice cream literally only lasted 20 minutes!

I was really pleased with how much food we got, the pizza was as usual delicious and it was such a cheap deal. We gave one of the pizza's to my parents (so this deal can actually feed more than 4 people!) and shared the rest between us. And I just have to add, as I always tell people this, how much I love the Domino's pizza menu. It has so many yummy choices but I particularly love the online pizza tracker and even the 'Feed Me' button as you confirm your order - so cute!

It was a nice night in and the perfect way to spend a Friday evening without spending too much money. I think we might make this our weekly ritual, except next time we'll be having it at our friends house as she has lots of spare alcohol ;) (We do too, but my Dad won't let me nick the vodka!)

I'd love to say I'm opting for something healthy tonight after that very fulfilling feast but unfortunately Saturday night is curry night so instead I'll be stuffing my face with more takeaway food - at least I can have a couple of Shandy's tonight though too ;) I'll just have to work it all off next week...

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