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Friday, 8 June 2012

Ardell Individual Lashes Review

When I was very kindly sent some EcoTOOLS brushes to review, I was also sent some Ardell lashes to as well. The three products I received were Ardell Lashes in 105, Ardell Individual Lashes in Medium Black and Ardell Starter Kit in 101 Demi. I decided to save the other two products to review when I could wear them for a night out or a special occasion and instead chose to try out the Ardell Individual Lashes in Medium Black.

I was really excited to try these out because as much as it doesn't make sense, I love fake eyelashes that look natural. Unless it's for fancy dress or a particularly special night out, I don't like over the top fake eyelashes. I much prefer simple ones that when worn instead just give your eyes/eyelashes that extra oomph! So I was definitely pleased with these individual eyelashes as I loved the idea that you could build them up as you went along - wearing them as natural or as over the top as you like.

I really loved these particular ones as well as each individual lash is made up of ten small lashes at various lengths, so although it looks like there are only a few lashes there are more. The fact that they are made of varying lengths was promising too as when I cut some later on to get a smaller size, I found that having them all the same length looks especially unnatural and silly. These particular lashes were soft but light, which I loved, and attached to my eyelid very well.

The packaging was cute and basic too - it was straight to the point but I also loved how instructions were provided on the back with added images.

This was the first time I've ever used individual lashes as opposed to normal fake eyelashes and I thought they would be pretty hard to apply. In fact, they were a lot easier than I thought. At first they were a bit fiddly to use but once I used tweezers to apply them rather then my hands, it was much easier. However, I found it was easier to remove them from where they are lightly glued to the plastic case using my hands instead of tweezers as when I used tweezers, I pulled too hard and ended up ruining a lash - some staying attached to the plastic and some falling out. This was my fault, however after accidently dropping two and losing them (I'm so clumsy) I didn't want to risk breaking/losing anymore so used my hands to remove them from the packaging from then on.

Although glue did not come with this particular pack, I used glue from the starter kit I also received and think this is my favourite eyelash glue yet. It was strong which gave me the confidence not to constantly worry about weather or not they were falling out throughout the day, but it was also fairly easy to remove them when I did (we all know that can be a bit painful!). The glue wasn't too sticky either and didn't get everywhere or wasn't as fiddly as other glue I'd used.

I used the lashes mainly on the outside of my eyes, planning to work from the outside into about half way along my eye but I quite liked how it looked with them just on the outside/corner of my eye. I felt it did give my eyelashes/eye that extra oomph without being too over the top, which is exactly the look I wanted to achieve.

Wearing the individual lashes on the left, no mascara or lashes on the right so you can see the difference
With the individual eyelashes added to both eyes

I think they looked quite ideal just for day to day wear, especially as you can use as many or as little as little as you like. I thought they really helped my eyes stand out and were definitely cute for a casual look - you can see in the photos how they have clearly added a lot of length to my lashes so they definitely do make a lot of difference.

I was extremely pleased with this product and would without a doubt use it again - in fact after wearing these all day yesterday (they lasted all day until I was ready to take them off!), I've even added a few lashes to my eyes today too. In addition, wearing these also made me feel quite confident and flirty too - they definitely not only looked good but made me feel good also. I would definitely recommend these to everyone!

Please keep an eye out for further reviews of the other two Ardell Lashes products I also received. 

Please note that although I was very kindly sent these products to review, all opinions are completely my own, 100% truthful and not at all biased. I chose to review these products specifically because I think they are in the interest of my blog readers.

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