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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Only Way Is Blogging

I was just wondering if any other fellow bloggers were planning to go to this event? If you don't know what it is, The Only Way Is Blogging is a meet up/workshop/event held every three months as a way to bring bloggers closer together and help them learn about new skills and new ways in which they can improve their blogs. It was set up by London Beauty Queen and has since become such a popular event that even Company magazine recently featured the event.

The next TOWIB event will be taking place on Saturday 16th June in central London, with tickets costing only £5.00. This will guarantee you access to the event which will see talks and demonstrations by top media savvy professionals, a session with Dr Linda all about body confidence (I LOVE this idea, so inspiring), and different workshops. Alongside this it's also the perfect way to meet your favourite bloggers, make some new friends, discover new blogs and finally just have a chat about other like minded people.

I've known about the event for a while but this year I am definitely thinking of going, especially with London only being a short train ride away from me. I was wondering if anyone else was planning to attend?

You can find out more at

Don't forget, myself and Bex from I Always Believed in Futures are also planning a bloggers meet up in June for bloggers in and around the South East (however anyone is welcome of course!), so keep an eye out for that as well!


  1. This sounds awesome but I don't know whether I'd want to go on my own. :(

  2. I'd love to go I'm just nervous to go on my own, I'm not a very trusting person AT ALL. Or at all that confident....

  3. Me and Bex are planning to meet up and head down together, I know she's already spoken to you about it Cat but you're both welcome to join us! Or any other readers!
    Cat would you feel more relaxed about going with us? I'm not very confident either which is why I'm so glad Bex wants to go as well, I don't think I'd have the courage to attend/turn up on my own! And can I ask what you mean about not being very trusting? I know you said you were nervous about traveling but if you met up with us I'm sure you'd be fine. I'm in and out of London all the time anyway and it's really not as daunting as you'd think :)
    Soph as I said you're definitely welcome to join us! So many people are in the same boat! x


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