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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I haven't done a 'Look Of The Week' in ages and with my new jeans and such lovely weather, I thought it was about time I did another! It was my day off today so last night and today I did a bit of pampering (redone my hair, my nails etc) then today I took Jasper for a long walk before relaxing in the garden with a book :)

A nice and summery look! I really love this outfit, the jeans are my new favourite buy as I've wanted a pair of jeans in a nice pastel colour for ages now. I very rarely pay over £30 for jeans but they fit so well that I didn't mind paying a bit extra! I love the contrast of the white top over the flower print top too. The flower print top is actually a sleepwear top I bought from Matalan for £1! I love lace as well so I'm happy I found a top that looks so nice beneath it. The sandles are also so comfy as well, I bought them from Primark for £2 for holiday and pretty much wore them the whole time.

I love my new bracelet, I bought this from a gorgeous shop in London on Sunday called Source and it was filled with loads of really quirky stuff but was quite cheap compared to how expensive 'quirky stuff' can be.

Also, I'm really loving my hair at the moment! Although I adore having dark brown hair, I decided I wanted a change for summer so I used Colourb4 last night and it lightened up my hair A LOT. My skin looks a lot more healthy and less pale with a lighter shade and the shade now is quite close to my natural hair colour. I'm planning to slowly go back blonde over the next few months but in the meantime at least my roots aren't showing and it's a nice shade. I was convinced I'd be ginger after using Colourb4 as I've dyed my hair pretty much every colour under the sun and the red in my hair from like three years ago was still noticable in my hair before I used it but it looks like I've finally got rid of all the red. Very pleased with the outcome!

Outfit :

Lace top : I can't remember where I bought this from!
Flower print top : Matalan
Jeans : Marks & Spencer

Make Up 

Foundation : L'oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Cover up : Beige shade Hellow Flawless by Benefit
Eyeliner : A mini eyeliner that came in one of my Benefit pallets
Mascara : 17 Peep Show Mascara
Blusher : Special edition Bourjois blusher
Lipstick : Unknown, bought from an independent store up north

Accessories :

Bracelet : Source, London
Earrings : Accessorize 


  1. I love your look of the week,
    I really love lilac jeans, I just can't seem to find the perfect pair,
    Love what you've done with the lace top as well, it does look like a whole top :)
    I used colour4 once,it made my hair ginger as I've had that many reds on!lol!
    Your colour looks lovely,

    x x x

  2. Aww thank you!
    Mine were from Marks & Spencers and they have loads of nice pastel colours and I only bought them last week if you want to have a look in your local one!
    Actually it was because of my Mum, she'd just ironed them and ran out of hangers so put them both on the same hanger..then we realized how good it looked haha
    I was convinced I'd be ginger using colourb4 but I wasn't thankfully
    Thanks :)


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