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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No Jeans Policy - Week Six

I've almost completed my 'No Jeans Policy'! This will be my last full week as on Saturday Lent technically ends. As I stated before, I'm not really religious but I thought doing this challenge following the same general idea of Lent would make sense.

Note - Although I've edited the date to show that this was posted on a Tuesday - like previous weeks - I actually didn't get around to posting this late. 

Outfit Thirty Six - Wednesday 28th March 2012
Flower print dress, purple leggings

Outfit Thirty Seven - Thursday 29th March 2012
Long flower print top, purple leggings

Outfit Thirty Eight - Friday 30th March 2012
Yellow day dress, blue leggings

Outfit Thirty Nine - Saturday 31st March 2012
White & Blue printed dress, purple leggings and fluffy socks ;)

Outfit Forty - Sunday 1st April 2012
White & Black heart top, black skirt

Outfit Forty One - Monday 2nd April 2012
Brown dress, thin brown belt

Outfit Forty Two - Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Black top, Black & Pink tartan skirt (an ode to my rock chick days ;) )

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