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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Holiday Shopping Haul

My Mum had a day off today so Mum, Dad and myself decided to head into Hemel Hempstead to do a bit of shopping. I absolutely love Hemel Hempstead, I have so many memories of going there when I was little, feeding the ducks in the water that runs alongside the car park, many days out swimming and ice skating at Jarman Park (a huge leisure complex) and I'd often go with my cousin, my Nan and Papa Roy too. I also love it because they've recently done most of it up so there's loads of shops outside, a big shopping centre and then a more modern part at the other side of town filled with bigger shops.

Anyway, I go on holiday a week on Sunday (!) so I wanted to pick up some must-have holiday buys. I'm very skint at the moment so really I only planned to get a bikini and shorts. Here's what I ended up getting.

So cute!

The dress I absolutely love, it was £8.00 from this really cute independent shop and it's absolutely perfect. It's light and short so it's ideal for just throwing on over my bikini or wearing casually in the daytime. It's quite stretchy too but shows off my shape perfectly. The belt came with the dress too, although I don't know if I will wear it with the dress.

I won't even tell you what size the shorts are but my god are Primark sizes funny! I tried on another pair of shorts extremely similar and found that a size 10 fit me absolutely fine, yet the size of those shorts are definitely not a 10! I've been after a nice pair of denim shorts for ages, I wanted a denim pair that I could customize myself as I'd wanted to add studs to them. However I think these are gorgeous, I love the lace detail along the bottom as it gives them just that extra oomph (haha!). These were £10.00.

The sandles, also from Primark, were just a quick cheap buy as I wanted a pair of light, comfy shoes. They were £6.00 and are surprisingly cute for sandles, I don't often like sandles as I think most of them look like old grannies shoes or literally like gladiator sandles but these are cute.

I also spotted a gorgeous pair of sandles I thought would be SO perfect for a music festival. I took a picture of them and I'll add the picture into my Pictures From The Present post. When I got home I told my Mum that I 'swear on my unborn childs life that when I go to my first music festival I will get those sandles'. She was a bit freaked out and it turns out you can't say that/it doesn't make sense unless you're actually pregnant. I thought it meant for future reference! And yes, I am also a festival virgin, feel sorry for me please :(

The bikini I love so much and this was also a bit of a great buy. I hate buying bikinis and I knew that today would be no different - you can't try them on, you have to buy the same size on both the bottom and the top (hence why I needed a new one, all my old bikini's either have a top thats too small or a bottom that's too big) and quite frankly I'm not really an expert on buying bikinis, I don't like standing out too much. I saw a gorgeous one in River Island that I was going to buy until I saw that it was not £22 for the whole bikini but for the top ONLY and another £22 for the bottoms. I couldn't justify spending £44 on a bikini! So we looked in a couple of other shops with no luck but as soon as I walked in Republic and spotted this, I wanted it. I'm not a massive fan of the new Aztec trend either but I think it's really cute! This was £22.

Me and Mamaw also got some cross stitch sets. So all in all we got quite a few decent bargains today and I think I'm finally sorted with my holiday stuff - I've nothing else to buy now. All I need to do is sort out my travel insurance and change my money up.

I'm going a week on Sunday so not long at all - I'm very excited!

I'm also heading into London on Tuesday for a meeting about another pretty cool project. It's not the same one that I mentioned before but this is also a really big project and could lead onto some big things for me. It's a really great opportunity and I'll explain more on Tuesday once I'm home.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

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