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Friday, 13 April 2012

Emerald Street Newsletter

I'm currently in the process of sorting out all the ridiculous junk mail I receive to my email - I refuse to just change to a new email address because a) this one is smart and professional sounding and b) I just can't be bothered. In amongst all these pointless emails that insist viagra could help my penis grow bigger or that the great grandson of some random president wants me to share his earnings (or something like that), I get one daily email which cheers me up to no end and relaxes me. As soon as I open this email, I breathe a sigh of relief at it's content - I understand that yes, it's just a newsletter, but it's just the type of newsletter I like to grace the pages of my hotmail inbox and is a lovely change from everything else because it's just a bit different. And I don't mind receiving it everyday day (Monday to Friday but you can change the frequency of when you receive it) because its fun, interesting and bite size - it's not overbearing.

Emerald Street (named after the street that the team's offices are based at) was created after members of staff from Stylist wanted an easier way to distribute tip-offs about sample sales, hidden fashion gems, quirky bars etc among their friends. And so Emerald Street was born - the idea quickly took the form of an exclusive newsletter that people can use to feel cultured and in the know.

It's kind of hard to explain what exactly these newsletters contain ; one day you might be reading about the benefits of a four day work week (like today!) or another you might be faced with a picture of a cat hiding in a saucepan then find yourself spending hours on the website looking at other cats sat in weird places. It's all very random. But fun.

Upon signing up you can enter your location as the team currently offers tips on the best bars and places to go in London and the South East, Leeds, Edinburgh & Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.

And did I mention how pretty it is?!

I feel immediately 98% more cultured upon reading it (the other 2% coming from the belief that eating mushrooms makes me cultured!).

Check out the website at which offers more brief but awesome features and where you can also sign up to the newsletter and become amazingly cultured like me.

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