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Friday, 27 April 2012

Blog It For Babies

I heard about this event through Bex a while back and immediately went and found out more. Blog It For Babies takes place from Sunday 29th April to Friday 4th May and among these days, bloggers from across the UK are coming together to raise awareness and funds for the Save The Children's Built it for Babies campaign.

Blog it for Babies hope to raise money for selected equipment for a delivery room in a healthcare clinic in Bangladesh. Depending on the amount of money raised, they can provide anything from a full delivery kit containing a complete set of equipment for delivering babies, to a skilled birth attendant for a month! You can find a full list here.

There are many different ways in which you can get involved, for example some suggested methods are to donate simply £1 by text, spending 5 minutes of social sharing time to help raise awareness or just writing about the charity.

This post however is specifically about a local event that is taking place near me as part of Blog it for Babies. You can find a full schedule here and on Tuesday 1st of May, Helen from Actually Mummy has arranged an event to take place in St Albans. On the day there will be a Rock Choir Taster, lunch if she can find a sponsor, a bring and buy bake sale and a dance routine instruction from Max. There will also be some raffle prizes to be won!

Unfortunately I cannot attend as I am away on holiday that week, but without a doubt I would be attending and helping to raise money and awareness if I could! If you live locally please do consider coming along to the event and I think it would be great for all you other bloggers to get involved some how even if it's just a short retweet to help raise awareness. Do check the schedule as well as you may find an event taking place near you!

There is also a Facebook page about the event in St Albans! Please click here to find out more about the event and any upcoming changes/additions to the day!

I'm really gutted that I cannot attend!


  1. I'm gutted you're not coming too! But thanks so much for writing this - I'm terrified but very excited about the event!

  2. I can imagine! It's always hard arranging an event, you're always worried no one will turn up haha! Me and another local blogger are arranging a blogger meet up in July, probably to take place in St Albans or somewhere similar. It's not charity related (well as of yet anyway, it might be an idea to make it so to help raise some money!) but you're welcome to come. I'll keep you updated of course :)
    Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. Will be nice to meet everyone locally "in the flesh". I have been approached by a friend who is fundraising for children in India that would like to host an event like a blogger meet up... maybe we could combine the two? @TheBookMums

  4. That's a lovely idea! Send me an email on and we can discuss it further :) xxx


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