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Saturday, 24 March 2012

What I Wore Today Book

I mentioned last week in my Pictures Of The Week post that I bought this excellent book called 'What I Wore Today'. It's written/illustrated by Gemma Correll and the whole thing started with a Flickr group where people took and posted photographs of their daily outfits. It then turned into a blog and then finally this book!

The blurb reads ; 'Create a snapshot of your day and sum up your unique style in this brilliant book of doodles, scribbles and sketches. Part sketchpad, part journal, this is a totally customizable record of how you like to dress, what you love to do and who you really are'.

The book pretty much consists of three parts - it's part book, part sketch book and part notebook. Throughout the book there are opportunities to sketch your daily outfits but with additional inspiration such as your favourite part of the outfit or what your friends/mum/boyfriend also wore that day, where you wore the outfit to and what you got up to and any thoughts you had about the outfit. Additionally, the book offers further imaginative drawing opportunities where it asks you to sketch your ideal fancy dress outfit or design a bikini and much more. In between all this is style advice and examples of other sketches people have made.

It's a really quirky book! It's not at all aimed for kids, in fact its more popular among adults and if you take a look at the original Flickr group you'll find that even a lot of men took part in uploading photographs of their outfits. It's a really fun and artistic way to document your favourite outfits or style. It's ideal for anyone who likes to draw and just wants an excuse to draw daily, or even just if you fancy sitting down and doodling some of your dream designs!

It's really fun and definitely something I'd recommend whether you are into fashion or not. The book was only released earlier this month so it's very recent too. It's a perfect gift for someone as well.

You can buy the book from Amazon here or take a look at Gemma Correll's blog here.

I will make sure to post any entries I do in the book as I go along :)

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  1. Sounds like a really good idea, and a lot more inspiring than a normal diary! Want :) xx


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