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Monday, 26 March 2012

Pretty Sky!

Just a quick post to remind you all to have a look outside your bedroom windows tonight :) Until roughly April 24th the planets Venus and Jupiter are available to the naked eye as they surround the moon!

I didn't really know this until I commented on how the moon was so low down in the sky last night and added that there was a really bright star beside it, a friend then told me that 'bright star' was actually Venus ha!

I took these two photos today as the sun was setting. I only planned to take the pictures because of how pretty the sky looked, again it was only after I took the pictures that I realized I was looking at Venus and Jupiter. So pretty!

Saturn is the one diagonally to the right of the crescent moon and Jupiter is the less bright one below and to the right of the moon :) Very pretty!


  1. Me and my Mum have just wandered round outside trying to find the moon to see if we could see it lol.
    Another try tomorrow, that time I'll be dragging my Nan out hehe xx

  2. Haha try looking earlier on in the day :) xx

  3. oh my good, i love your blog!
    you are a good writter!
    i follow you, kiss and see my space


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