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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week of 12th March - 18th March 2012

Sausage rolls - yummy!
I made these delicious sausage rolls (with chutney inside too!) last night! I spent the night round my sisters baking as we made loads of yummy food for my Mum & Nan today. 

Drum Kit
I had a go on the drums too - I'm pretty good at them! I'm hoping to buy these off by sister soon :) 

So yummy
These are some more things we made, little pork pie things and mini cakes :) 

The table once it was set
Very pretty - there was more food as well though!

School girl
I went out Friday night (incidentally with some old school friends) and one of my friends decided we should go out school girl themed. Luckily it meant no extra cash on my part because the tie and skirt I used to wear to school anyway! It was a really fun night, I was extra pleased with myself because I only technically spent £20! As usual I made lots of new friends, I even ended up coming home and sneaking back out again at 4am to see one of them drunkenly in the park up the road from you do! I did take a lot more pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I am very, very much cringing at the drunk texting/Facebooking/Tweeting AND Skyping I done when I got in as well. I made my friend promise not to allow me on any form of social networking platform or website - most especially Twitter or Skype - but she passed out almost as soon as we got in!

Coral Sea Resort, Sharm
Sooo as you know I have the coolest sister ever who gets a lot of amazing last minute deals. Thanks to this factor, we are now going to Egypt next month! It's only costing us £130 for 6 nights all inclusive including flights! I'm SO excited, I've always wanted to go to Egypt. But this also means I only have a month to get that bikini body so it looks like I'm going to have to up the fitness regime by a lot now!

What I Wore Today
I bought this awesome book in TK Maxx yesterday and I'll be doing a blog post on it during the week. In the meantime just know that it is awesome.

This week I've been...

Watching... Secret Diary Of A London Call Girl & Gavin and Stacey
Reading...From London With Love by Jemma Forte
Listening to...The Friday Night Boys & The Downtown Fiction
Playing...Draw Some on my phone
Smelling of...Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on...Cameron Leahy
Loving...Being single and girls night out!

I haven't really been up to much this week but as always I had a busy weekend! As you obviously know, I was out Friday and we had such an ace night that we've agreed to try and do a new theme each month which should be fun (or expensive..we're not sure, we all have an array of different random fancy dress items). 
Be warned - I'm going to have a little rant here! Feel free to skip this long paragraph! If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen on Friday night that I wasn't very happy at some messages I was receiving. I've now gone back and deleted my replies as although my replies weren't particularly nasty, it looks unprofessional (say's me with a picture of me as a school girl tweeted ha!). The general gist of it was that a friend of my ex's who I haven't spoken to in about a year decided to start having a go at me on twitter because I've apparently been slagging off my ex's new girlfriend. I was very confused about the whole thing because I'm pretty sure I've done no such thing! Anyway it was really nasty and uncalled for, it wasn't so much that I was being accused of something I didn't do, just the fact that I've had endless drama involving the ex despite the fact that we broke up almost a year ago now. Nonetheless, this annoyed me for a few hours on Friday night but I knew my anger would be short lived with an awesome night out about to start. 
Just furthermore on the situation, I do apologize to anyone who might have seen my Twitter on the night. Again, I wasn't particularly nasty at all and I definitely did not resort to name calling or swearing, but I agree it must have looked unprofessional so I have since removed these tweets :)
On Saturday I was very hungover so spent most of the morning in bed with Jade having a gossip, pestering her to get up and make me a cuppa (she didn't.), before getting up and going to my sisters. We then had to get some more food for today and of course it was jam packed, gah! We ended up starting cooking not until the evening which is a lot later then we planned but nevermind. I am slowly actually starting to enjoy cooking, especially as my sausage rolls came out lush! 
Today obviously my lovely Mamaw, my Dad, and my Nan came to my sisters for all the nice food. I've been back home a couple of hours finding it very hard to sleep. I'm going to have a nice hot bath and have an early night as I look very forward to Egypt :)

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