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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

No Jeans Policy - Week Two

Another week survived! What have I learnt this week? Well firstly, don't forget to take photos for three days and then have to keep changing clothes/looks and having to take them all in bulk in one day! And secondly, as comfy as my pajamas and dressing gown are, they are NOT a sexy look!

 Outfit Eight - Wednesday 29th February 2012
 Oversized uni hoodie, jeggings, black pumps (yet another slouchy day, I spent my day baking and working out so it called for slouchy clothes!)

 Outfit Nine - Thursday 1st March 2012
 What I like to call my 'worm top', cream/brown skirt, cream tights and brown heels (trying to wear them in!)

Outfit Ten - Friday 2nd March 2012
Red dress, skinny brown belt, thick cream tights, black pumps

 Outfit Eleven - Saturday 3rd March 2012
Brown backless dress, white belt, brown heels (excuse my knobbly/red/bruised knees!)

 Outfit Twelve - Sunday 4th March 2012
Pajamas! (I'd just gotten home from playing paintball - hungover - in the pouring rain and snow, so please don't judge me! Didn't manage to get a picture of our extremely boring paintball outfits I'm afraid!)

 Outfit Thirteen - Monday 5th March 2012
White skull top, jeggings, black pumps

 Outfit Fourteen - Tuesday 6th March 2012
Blue jacket, rusty orange top, mini bag, jeggings, brown boots


  1. Love love love these types of posts, you have some gorgeous outfits


  2. Thank you Rachel :) I'm glad you like it xxx


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