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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

No Jeans Policy - Week Three

Third week under my belt :) The biggest problem I have noticed is that it's so hard to find something to wear with jeggings! I HAVE to wear a long top else if I wear a shorter one, it looks like I have a camel toe :( I also own far too many 'day dresses' some of which are clearly too short to wear by themselves as you can see below.

Outfit Fifteen - Wednesday 7th March 2012
Green dress, skinny brown belt

Outfit Sixteen - Thursday 8th March 2012
Grey/blue cardigan, white skull top, jeggings

Outfit Seventeen - Friday 9th March 2012
Pink and navy patterned dress, skinny brown belt

Outfit Eighteen - Saturday 10th March 2012
Red dress, skinny brown belt, brown heels (outfit also worn with tights but they ripped by the end of the night!)

Outfit Nineteen - Sunday 11th March 2012
Heart jumper, pajama bottoms (I was hungover!)

Outfit Twenty - Monday 12th March 2012
Long light blue lace top, jeggings
(Please excuse the random ball of light, given that in the next photo it had moved even closer to me I think it is a ghost!)

Outfit Twenty One - Tuesday 13th March 2012
Long sleeved blue/white patterned top, jeggings


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