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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No Jeans Policy - Week Four

As if I've gone a whole month without wearing jeans! Ha! I'm extremely proud of myself, it's the small achievements that count ;) This week I managed to actually get dressed whilst hungover (I swear I spend half of my life hungover!) but that might have been because I was being forced to leave the house..! I'm discovering loads of old clothes that I forgot I had lately too which is a nice bonus.

Outfit Twenty Two - Wednesday 14th March 2012

Oversized patterned top with heart jumper worn over the top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Three - Thursday 15th March 2012
Wine red top, cream skirt, brown pumps

Outfit Twenty Four - Friday 17th March 2012
This was for a school girl themed night out! White shirt, tie (the one I actually used to wear in high school!), black skirt, cream shoes

Outfit Twenty Five - Saturday 17th March 2012
Another hungover outfit, but at least this time I got changed out of my pajamas ;) Dotty top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Six - Sunday 18th March 2012
I know I wore this a few weeks back but it was mothers day so I wanted to look nice :) Yellow polka dot dress, thin brown belt, cream tights, grey/brown cardigan

Outfit Twenty Seven - Monday 19th March 2012
Flower printed purple top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Eight - Tuesday 20th March 2012
White lace top (lace back), cream skirt, grey/brown cardigan


  1. Love these outfits, and the idea in general! You look amazing in each picture!

    I so wish I was brave enough to try this out... but apparently I'm far too addicted to my good old trusty jeans!! Xx

  2. Thank you! It's actually been a lot of fun ha. I'm a self confessed jeans addict too but I actually haven't even missed them much since starting this challenge :) xxx


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