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Friday, 9 March 2012

Fab Find Friday - Olan Rogers

This guy is absolutely hilarious! He's YouTube famous for all the videos he uploads, most notably for the way he tells funny stories about stuff that has happened to him. Again, that may not sound particularly funny, but I'd recommend watching a couple of videos anyway! There's no way you won't laugh. I first saw this video of his posted on Tumblr -

and I literally laughed non-stop all the way through. I checked him out on Youtube, subscribed and immediately became addicted. I just love the way he tells the stories, he's so over the top and funny! I love the funny phrases he uses as well. I think he's pretty cool and I wish I could be as funny as him as I certainly have some of my own funny stories like the ones he tells! Here are some of my favourite videos of his..

Check out his channel here!

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