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Friday, 23 March 2012

Fab Find Friday - Music & Draw Something

Just some ace bands/songs I've been listening to a lot lately :) Some of them are pretty old songs but still check them out if you so wish!

Btw, isn't it so awesome that they've written this song for a rollercoasters themetune?!

So yeah sorry about so many videos but this is just some awesome music I've been listening to. Plus its completely coincidental that every lead singer of the bands above are hot ;)

Also if you're not already addicted to it, make sure you download Draw Something! My username is Lady Louise, add me :)


  1. Love The Acadamy Is. Great choice to put at the top. Those are two of my favorite songs by them

  2. Thanks :) I can't seem to find any other videos of theirs on youtube! I'm gutted they split up :( xx


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