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Friday, 30 March 2012

Yesterday I had my first snowboarding lesson!

Snowboarding is something I have ALWAYS wanted to try. When I was younger I used to love that snowboarding game on the PS2 where you could do amazing tricks, I was always so good at it! Last year my sister found a deal on Groupon to go snowboarding and went with her work friends. I was really gutted I missed it, so swore to myself I'd check the website daily from then on for when the deal came up again. Anyway back in January I was sat watching the film Chalet Girl (which is about snowboarding if you haven't seen it) and thought to myself it might be time to just go ahead and book a lesson without the groupon deal as I was desperate to try it. 2012 is my year for trying new things so I decided to finally get off my bum and book it. However, this was about half 11 at night so I just logged onto Groupon on a whim just to check...and the deal was there! I thought this was a little bit of a sign :) Just simply because I'd been waiting for the deal to come back up for so long and then the very night I watch a snowboarding film and decide to book a lesson anyway the deal comes up! I was especially lucky to check the website only half an hour before the deal ran out ha!

Anyway, onto the lesson! Lessons usually cost £29 but with the Groupon deal it only cost £11 - about £15 including the cost to hire out the gear! So cheap! In Milton Keynes which is about a half hour drive from me we have the Xscape which has a massive snowslope inside, as well as other things. So it's the perfect place to learn. I booked two beginner lessons so that my sister could come along with me as well.

So we went in and got all kitted up (my sister cried with laughter for a good 10 minutes when I put on a helmet backwards that was too small for me - she thought I looked like an egg!). The boots are so heavy and tight! And the boards are really heavy too! After that we followed the instructors in - there was a really big group of us so clearly the Groupon deal had proved popular. First of all at the bottom of the slope they showed us how to get on the board properly - strapping our feet in tight and such. Then we got a little moving floor lift thing to the very top of the slope as we were going to be using the top half for our lesson. This moving floor thing was well dodgy, a few times it stopped and we all almost fell over! Once at the top we realized how high it was and then our very hilarious French instructor informed us that for the lesson we'd be learning the basics and going down the slope - backwards!

He explained that we'd have to balance on the board and bend at the knees and relax to be in the correct position. Then whilst going down the slope we had to lean forward to stop the board and lean back to go. He also explained that when going down you cannot look at your feet else you'll fall - you have to look straight ahead of you! I can't remember exactly, so if you're hoping to try snowboarding please don't use my advice in this post about what we were told to do ha! It took me a good 10 minutes to get strapped in then the hard part was getting up. Once sitting on the floor you kind of have to roll onto your front (impossible with the weight of the board!) and push yourself up. When it was my turn for going down I was petrified! I fell loads of course and didn't really get the hang of it my first time going down but the instructor explained to me that my feet weren't strapped in tight enough. As I was leaning forward to slow down/stop the board, nothing was happening because I was just creating a gap between my ankle and the back of the boot - not lifting up the back of the board.

My second time going down was better! I got the hang of it mostly but still fell as whenever I went too fast I got scared ha! He also taught us how to move from side to side and I think I got this perfectly! The last few times were going down the whole slope, not just the top half. When I got to the bottom it turns out the lesson was up and everyone had left except the instructor and my sister as I'd taken so long to get down ha!

It was only an hours lesson covering the very basics but it was really fun! I would suggest everyone try it at least once. I am definitely going to continue lessons (I was given a little card as proof that I'd completed stage one and also giving me 50% off my next lesson!) however I've got to say I don't think that everyone would go on to continue lessons after the first one. It is so, so much harder then you think it is. It's not cold for a start, you get so hot and bothered doing it. You'll also wonder what the point is at some points when you're taking a good 10 minutes to take off your board and put it back on only to fall down a slope 10 times in the space of 2 minutes. However this is expected and obviously as you get better you'll fall less and learn to put your equipment on quicker. It's not at all what I expected but even though it was tough, I think it's something I'd love to keep up and I'd be willing to put the hard work in. As hard as it was, it felt really cool when I finally started to get the hang of it!
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wow hasn't the weather been gorgeous?! I've been getting my pasty white legs out this week in the hope of getting a head start on my tan for Egypt next month. This beautiful weather also reminded me that before Christmas, when I was yet again convinced my wardrobe would collapse, I sorted out loads of clothes and shoved loads of summer clothes up in the attic. Although I still want some more skirts, I found a few I forgotten I had! Hopefully for the remainder of my 'No Jeans Policy' (and hopefully afterwards!), I can stop wearing not just jeans but jeggings too and wear more skirts!

Outfit Twenty Nine - Wednesday 21st March 2012
Grey/brown cardigan, purple vest top, jeggings

Outfit Thirty - Thursday 22nd March 2012
Grey owl dress/top, skinny brown belt, jeggings

Outfit Thirty One - Friday 23rd March 2012
Grey/brown cardigan, blue lace top, jeggings, fluffy socks

Outfit Thirty Two - Saturday 24th March 2012
Flower/rose print playsuit, light brown belt, black pumps

Outfit Thirty Three - Sunday 25th March 2012
White top, polka dot skirt

Outfit Thirty Four - Monday 26th March 2012
Purple top, white shorts

Outfit Thirty Five - Tuesday 27th March 2012
Black dress with leopard print peter pan collar

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Just a quick post to remind you all to have a look outside your bedroom windows tonight :) Until roughly April 24th the planets Venus and Jupiter are available to the naked eye as they surround the moon!

I didn't really know this until I commented on how the moon was so low down in the sky last night and added that there was a really bright star beside it, a friend then told me that 'bright star' was actually Venus ha!

I took these two photos today as the sun was setting. I only planned to take the pictures because of how pretty the sky looked, again it was only after I took the pictures that I realized I was looking at Venus and Jupiter. So pretty!

Saturn is the one diagonally to the right of the crescent moon and Jupiter is the less bright one below and to the right of the moon :) Very pretty!

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

I mentioned last week in my Pictures Of The Week post that I bought this excellent book called 'What I Wore Today'. It's written/illustrated by Gemma Correll and the whole thing started with a Flickr group where people took and posted photographs of their daily outfits. It then turned into a blog and then finally this book!

The blurb reads ; 'Create a snapshot of your day and sum up your unique style in this brilliant book of doodles, scribbles and sketches. Part sketchpad, part journal, this is a totally customizable record of how you like to dress, what you love to do and who you really are'.

The book pretty much consists of three parts - it's part book, part sketch book and part notebook. Throughout the book there are opportunities to sketch your daily outfits but with additional inspiration such as your favourite part of the outfit or what your friends/mum/boyfriend also wore that day, where you wore the outfit to and what you got up to and any thoughts you had about the outfit. Additionally, the book offers further imaginative drawing opportunities where it asks you to sketch your ideal fancy dress outfit or design a bikini and much more. In between all this is style advice and examples of other sketches people have made.

It's a really quirky book! It's not at all aimed for kids, in fact its more popular among adults and if you take a look at the original Flickr group you'll find that even a lot of men took part in uploading photographs of their outfits. It's a really fun and artistic way to document your favourite outfits or style. It's ideal for anyone who likes to draw and just wants an excuse to draw daily, or even just if you fancy sitting down and doodling some of your dream designs!

It's really fun and definitely something I'd recommend whether you are into fashion or not. The book was only released earlier this month so it's very recent too. It's a perfect gift for someone as well.

You can buy the book from Amazon here or take a look at Gemma Correll's blog here.

I will make sure to post any entries I do in the book as I go along :)

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Just some ace bands/songs I've been listening to a lot lately :) Some of them are pretty old songs but still check them out if you so wish!

Btw, isn't it so awesome that they've written this song for a rollercoasters themetune?!

So yeah sorry about so many videos but this is just some awesome music I've been listening to. Plus its completely coincidental that every lead singer of the bands above are hot ;)

Also if you're not already addicted to it, make sure you download Draw Something! My username is Lady Louise, add me :)

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

As if I've gone a whole month without wearing jeans! Ha! I'm extremely proud of myself, it's the small achievements that count ;) This week I managed to actually get dressed whilst hungover (I swear I spend half of my life hungover!) but that might have been because I was being forced to leave the house..! I'm discovering loads of old clothes that I forgot I had lately too which is a nice bonus.

Outfit Twenty Two - Wednesday 14th March 2012

Oversized patterned top with heart jumper worn over the top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Three - Thursday 15th March 2012
Wine red top, cream skirt, brown pumps

Outfit Twenty Four - Friday 17th March 2012
This was for a school girl themed night out! White shirt, tie (the one I actually used to wear in high school!), black skirt, cream shoes

Outfit Twenty Five - Saturday 17th March 2012
Another hungover outfit, but at least this time I got changed out of my pajamas ;) Dotty top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Six - Sunday 18th March 2012
I know I wore this a few weeks back but it was mothers day so I wanted to look nice :) Yellow polka dot dress, thin brown belt, cream tights, grey/brown cardigan

Outfit Twenty Seven - Monday 19th March 2012
Flower printed purple top, jeggings, black pumps

Outfit Twenty Eight - Tuesday 20th March 2012
White lace top (lace back), cream skirt, grey/brown cardigan

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Monday, 19 March 2012

This weekend I had a lovely email in my inbox from a lady called Stephanie, who works at a company called Free To Be Supreme. Free To Be Supreme is an exclusive members only website which offers readers and shoppers the latest trends and news in fashion, beauty, homeware and gifts. Furthermore, they offer weekly promotions and much more content regarding keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Some brands they are currently working with include Harrods, My-wardrobe, House of Fraser, Joy, Warehouse, Oasis, Browns and many more. The company offers so much more than just a standard shopping website!

Their first promotion is offering you all the chance to win a £500 shopping spree at! To enter, all you have to do is use an exclusive code to sign up for Free To Be Supreme. The website is invitation only, so not only will you be entered into this competition but you will also be offered all the benefits that the company offers, as well as upcoming promotions and competitions!

As you can see from the image above, the exclusive code is MY500!

Here are some things I would treat myself to if I was lucky enough to win ;)

What would you buy if you won?!

Admittedly at first I was concerned about whether or not this particular promotion would be suitable for this blog, especially after seeing the prices on My-wardrobe! However, when having a bit of a nose on Feel To Be Supreme I noticed that you can search for either designer OR high street items, making it suitable to your taste no matter what you can and can't afford. Additionally, the competition is to win the money to afford whatever you wanted ;)

Remember, to have access to all the latest fashion trends and news, exclusive discounts, promotions and competitions AND to win this amazing prize, all you have to do is sign up to Feel To Be Supreme by using the exclusive code MY500 :)

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