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Saturday, 25 February 2012

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding ; The Gossip!

I thought with it being Valentines Day this month it might be nice for Laura to do something a bit different with her guest post this month! Rather than updating about her wedding planning, instead she has answered a few questions regarding hers and Rob's relationship. It's quite refreshing to hear the answers to these questions from real couple :)

1. How did you and Rob meet?
We met in a club through mutual friends but didn't get together for a while after that. We met up as friends in the first instance which progressed to more later on.

2. How did Rob propose?
We were on a short break in Yorkshire, and we went on a walk to Highforce waterfall (it's beautiful if you ever fancy a trip there! He kept trying to get me to go down onto the rocks (I wasn't having any of it - I had my good shoes on!). As we decided to leave, he got down on one knee in front of the waterfall and proposed. He later told me he wanted to do it on the rocks... felt a bit guilty after that!

3. What is it you love the most about Rob?
What I love most about Rob is that he accepts me for ME. He knows I'm grouchy, occasionally clingy, a bit insecure but he still puts up with it! He's also everything I'm not... patient, relaxed. We make a good team.
(Amen to that, that's real love! Sometimes it's not about massive romantic gestures but just finding someone who accepts you for who you really are!)

4. You say you're not a particularly romantic couple but aside from proposing, what would you say has been the sweetest/most romantic/nicest thing he's done for you and you've done for him?
I'm not romantic in the slighest, but I'd say that the nicest thing I've done for him is buy him an Xbox. It was a totally extravagent gift that we really couldn't afford, so I saved for a year and he got it as a birthday pressie. Perhaps not romantic for some, but he was very surpised! He does lots of lovely things for me, I couldn't choose just one. He's very good at buying diamonds for gifts, I have quite a collection now. He gets lovely thoughtful charms for my bracelet too - each one tells a story. Obviously the proposal is the most romantic thing ever though.

5. What does romance mean to you?
Romance is a tough one to describe... I'm quite happy with a mini break where we can spend quality time together without distractions of the 'real' world...

6. When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Rob?
I knew from early on that I loved him and didn't want to be without him. Although marriage has never been a big issue for me, when I had to leave to go and finish my final semester at university it made me realise that I didn't want to have to do it again.

7. How lucky do you feel that you have found the right person?
You hear stories and see the heartbreak of people whose relationships don't work out and you feel incredibly lucky that you've managed to find the right person. We have our downs... but we have more ups and long may it continue!

8. Do you have a list and if so who's on it? (Aka a list of 5 celebs Rob would allow you to sleep with if you ever met them :P)
No, no lists! I don't like to tempt fate... besides, he's too honest I don't think he could go through with it!

9. After the wedding, what do you think the next step will be of yours and Rob's relationship?
After the wedding we plan to go on as many holidays as we can afford and spend our time how we want to - travelling, progressing our careers, spending time together. If children happen, they happen but it's not in our plans at the moment... we like our lazy days too much!

10. When was the first time you said the L word to each other?
 It was me who said the L word first! We were still not really dating properly - we had a 'courtship' period of about 6 months where we didn't want to / weren't ready to commit to a relationship but didn't want to be apart from each other. Rob said it back though, phew!

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