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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week (and a bit!) of 10th February - 19th February 2012

(I usually edit these pictures to make them look a bit vintage and I also give them rounded corners but as I am not on my laptop I haven't been able to do that this week. My phone has also been broken this week too so I didn't have the chance to take as many pictures as I'd hoped)

Ice cream!
This is me and my friend having some yummy ice cream after we spent the day hungover and finally ventured out into public. I can't tell you how happy this picture makes me. Forgetting for a moment the company in the photo with me, it's the fact that it was taken in Sunderland! I spent three years in Sunderland and before last weekend, it had been six months since I was last there. It was really nice being back and having a wander around a place I used to call home. I really hadn't realized how much I'd missed it.

Student life...
Unfortunately, this was how messy Jo's room was the whole time we stayed there! Just to clarify, it was fairly messy before we even arrived ;) It wasn't ideal sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor of a tiny student room filled with leftover takeaway and alcohol but it definitely reminded me of what it was like being a student. I remember I used to be particulary guilty of leaving my old student room in such a mess as well.

Us on the night
This is me and my two best friends Jo and Becky. I met them in my first year of uni and we're still extremely good friends now (as you can tell). Obviously we don't get to see each other too often so it was so nice to have a catch up.

Hot dogs!
How amazing is this! One of the clubs we were in had an actual hot dog joint inside! I was amazed. We had to sit down here as my feet were killing me so we got some hot dogs in the process, made some new friends and nicked a guys beer. The pub crawl was absolutely amazing, we danced, we drank, we laughed and we took a million photos (most of which came out pretty dodgy). I'm already excited for the next one.

Yummy food
I spent Friday night at my sisters and this was the dinner she made for us (including homemade burgers). She is new to twitter, and decided to tweet this image. Anyway, we made bread, watched some movies, went to a party, ate the above food and also ice cream and laughed our asses off at Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy. A perfect night in!

This week I've been...
Watching...The Office
Reading...From London With Love by Jemma Forte
Listening to...The All American Rejects
Playing...a game on my phone called Abdcution!
Smelling of...Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on...John Krasinski
Loving...seeing the girls again

This week has been pretty awesome. Being up north again gave me so many mixed feelings! Since going back I've even considered the idea of moving back to the north east permanently. Just being in the place where I spent three years of my life brought back so many memories and reminded me how much had changed. I also bumped into my ex whilst I was there (which I knew would happen knowing my luck) and that was pretty weird as I haven't spoken to him in so long and this time last year we were still together. We chatted only for a few minutes but it was definitely nice saying hello. I did feel pretty weird afterwards, even though I hadn't expected to. The pub crawl was so much fun, the big night out was definitely needed by all of us! I ended up seeing an old work friend as well whilst out and that was kind of nice as I'd kind of always had a bit of a crush on him, but obviously whilst I worked with him I had a boyfriend. As we're both single now, I will only say that it was nice to see him ;). What wasn't nice was my friend knowing we were talking and deciding to write on the back of my pub crawl t-shirt 'I want Argile' (his second name). It was pretty funny though nonetheless, even though he didn't believe that it wasn't me who wrote it! So I came home really happy after having a nice break away. I've also started swimming again (I stopped just before Christmas). I've spent most of this week job hunting and becoming over obsessed with The Office. In fact, if I'm honest, I've spent most of this week in tears at how incredibly sweet one of the characters on the show is (haha I'm so sad!). My favourite feature of the show is how one of the characters is in love with the receptionist who has a boyfriend, even though they clearly love each other. The show follows them and it was pretty sweet to see how he finally got the girl. It gave me hope that decent men do exist! The show is also really, really funny as well and has fast become one of my favourite shows, I've already ordered the box set. I'm on season 6 out of 8 at the moment and I'm pretty much obsessed, so don't be surprised to find me posting about it again!
We've also decided to go to Ibiza next summer as well which we've already started planning, so that should be fun! I can't remember if I already mentioned this or not but I also passed my theory test first time last week, so that's also put a massive smile on my face :)
So that was a bit of a long conclusion to my week, in general this weeks events have just got me thinking about my future really and whether or not I want to stay down south or move back up north. The Office has also had a ridiculous effect on me in that for ages now I've kind of gone off the idea of relationships and stopped believing that there is someone out there for everyone. Although I know the show isn't real, it's kind of given me a bit of hope again and made me want a relationship again :)

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