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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

No Jeans Policy - Week One

Well, I have survived one week so far of my no jeans policy! Go me! You can see the daily outfits below :)

Outfit One - Wednesday 22nd February 2012
 Grey cardigan, deep blue oversized top, purple leggings and brown boots.

Outfit Two - Thursday 23rd February 2012

Black embellished cardigan, owl dress, skinny brown belt, jeggings and brown boots.

 Outfit Three - Friday 24th February 2012
 Purple polka dot top, jeggings

 Outfit Four - Saturday 25th February 2012

Flower print dress (one of my personal favourites of all time!), black tights, brown boots

 Outfit Five - Sunday 26th February 2012
Blue/Green top, Jeggings - Today was a lazy day ;)

 Outfit Six - Monday 27th February 2012
Oversized pink, black and white top (which I now realize makes me look massive!), grey cardigan, jeggings (again!) and black pumps

Outfit Seven - Tuesday 28th February 2012
Grey cardigan, yellow polka dot dress with skinny brown belt, thick cream tights, black pumps

Although I could have been a bit more creative, I'm quite pleased so far as I didn't think I'd even last a day! I've found that I don't really have a decent selection of proper skirts, most of them are fairly short for nights out so I definitely need to get some more casual skirts. My favourite outfit this week would be outfit four, I think it has a nice rocker girl feel to it :)

I will blogging my progress weekly showing all my outfits from that week, however I have for the most part been updating the actual page daily so you can look daily if you so wish or just check weekly!

So far so good :)


  1. What gorgeous outfits you've got hun :)
    So glad that you have done the first week brilliantly, keep it up

  2. Thank you! :D I am rather proud of myself haha xx


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