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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy Valentines day :)

I know I've been lacking with blogging again and I've also been up north this week so I'll talk about this in another post! But whether you're single or not today, whatever you're doing have a lovely day!

On a further note to all of you single girls, keep your chins up :) I know first hand what it's like being single and feeling alone - feeling especially worse on a day like this - but the right person will come along eventually! And as Stella Zinman from How I Met Your Mother once said, the right person is on their way and they're getting there as fast as they can! In the meantime, enjoy the single life ;)

I myself will be spending today being very exciting (not :P) by catching up on sleep and my favourite TV shows! I might exchange a few Valentines day wishes through out the day to one or two people as well ;) Even when you are in a relationship Valentines day can seem very overrated. Last year I did go all out a bit as mine and my ex's anniversary fell only a few days before Valentines day so we spent a weekend away in York but in all honesty it's the little things that count and not the pressure to make a massive romantic gesture on a day like today. The best Valentines day gift I ever received? Mushrooms! (The food!) Laugh all you want but the fact that it was part of an inside joke just showed how thoughtful it was and made me smile. So, the point of boring you with talking about what Valentines day means to me is that don't wait for that today if you have found someone special and that little things count :)

Finally, if you like someone, take a chance on them today of all days. I think the excitement has gone from Valentines day as it used to be seen as a day to exchange cards from secret admirers but people don't seem to take chances anymore. I would fully suggest telling that special someone how you feel today as it makes it an extra nice gesture when I bet they are probably feeling a bit low about being single!

Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

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