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Friday, 24 February 2012

Fab Find Friday - The Date Guy

I know the majority of my blog readers are not from London, but for those who are or who live down south then I'd suggest this website.

The Date Guy is run by a guy who suggests different dates around London. Not only does he suggest different dates though, he also goes into detail such as how to suggest the date, topics of conversation that can be used on the date, activities to do, where to go afterwards if you don't want the date to end and how to act after the date when contacting the person again. It may seem a bit much but it's perfect for people who struggle with finding things to talk about on dates or who are bored of straight forward dates at the cinema or going out for food.

The best part is though all the quirky places he suggests going to and doing. He suggests places around London that aren't very popular, those quirky hidden away gems that you may not have heard of. One of the recent places he suggested was a restaurant where to gain access you have to use a certain phrase when talking to the waiter, then enter the area by a door hidden in a fridge! Very random!

He also suggests ways to get speaking to strangers and how to be more open. It's a really, really cool website that I absolutely adore because I love anything that's a bit different. Even if you are not dating at the moment, it's great to look at for ideas of things to do in London or places you can go to when you meet someone special.

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