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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

My New Years Resolutions 

  • Become more ladylike. This includes, but is not limited to, never allowing my nails to be chipped, making more of a general effort on a day to day basis (not just wearing anything slobby just because I don't have plans that day), wear heels more often and not just on a night out etc
  • Travel more
  • Try to live life to the full and push myself more often
  • Read at least one newspaper from front page to back daily and complete a daily Sudoku in this paper (to ensure that I am up to date on all current affairs and giving my brain a daily work out haha)
  • Get more experience in my chosen career field and hopefully be on my way to achieving my dream job, even if that means taking a job that has little relevance to magazine journalism but will allow me to work my way towards that goal
  • Go to more gigs
  • Make more friends
  • Learn to cook more
  • Get a tattoo 
  • Become more fit/toned
  • Put aside one day a week to concentrate on my journalism career - using the day to job hunt, practice my writing, practice on both InDesign and Photoshop and much more
  • Do more crafts


  1. awesome resoloutions, I had bit of trouble trying to think of any, but your ones sounds good! I may steal them lol!! best of luck and happy new year!! xo

  2. Love your resolutions! Especially the 'be more ladylike' one. I think I may need to adopt that one myself! ;)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, you beautiful, talented woman! Xx

  3. I think you may have stolen my entire list - although I am a pretty speedy sudoku player :P

    The ladylike one is such a good idea, I'm such a slob if I know I'm either not going to see someone, or I'm only going to see someone who is partially sighted! xx

  4. Thanks! Happy new year to you all as well! I know I won't keep any of these up haha xx


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