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Friday, 6 January 2012

Funny E Cards

I've decided to do this new weekly (hopefully, we'll see how often I find awesome stuff!) feature! I'm usually browsing the internet randomly when I can't sleep and often find pretty cool websites, videos etc. So I thought I'd start doing a feature on an awesome 'Fab Find' each Friday!

I've seen these floating around the internet for ages now and saved my favourite ones after having a browse on the website too. These are hilarious!

(This is me all over! If I'm in a relationship that isn't dysfunctional then chances are I'm not as into you as you think I am, haha!)

(Future rock star boyfriend - take note!)


  1. Hahaa, I love this! The first four are brilliant :D x

  2. These Ecards ARE amazing, I send thses to my friends so Thanks a Lot for this wonderful collection.


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