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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Catch Up & DVD Shopping Spree

There's not much to blog about recently I'm afraid! I've actually spent my time since Christmas trying to sort out my social life - with being away for uni for three years I've drifted apart from a lot of friends and over Christmas I spent some time finding out who my real friends are. Since then I've been making more effort with some good friends and trying to make some new ones so I've been trying to get out a lot more which leaves less time for blogging! I've also been getting my head down and trying to sort out the next step of my life after uni. I've been applying for internships left right and centre as well as constantly hunting for jobs that are anything to do with Magazine Journalism.

So between all this and having the flu last week, I've been having a bit of writers block. I've struggled to think of things to blog about. I don't define this blog as strictly a beauty blog because I only do the odd beauty related post here and there. I like to do posts about my lifestyle but I don't like to have too many of these posts. So I have struggled a bit! If anyone has any ideas on what posts you'd like to see more of then please do let me know!

Anyway I've decided my DVD collection is a bit slack these days so last week I went on a shopping spree on and ordered a bunch of my favourite films. I'll show you all what I bought, just in case anyone is after a new film to buy. All of these films I have absolutely loved, so I've been watching a lot of them over the weekend.

How I Met Your Mother Seasons 3-4 
I know this isn't a film but who can resist a bit of HIMYM?!
Nick & Norah's Infinate Playlist
This isn't strictly speaking a typical rom-com - but its great nonetheless
You Again
Chalet Girl
Going The Distance
Kate & Leopold
What's Your Number
This is fast becoming one of my favourite ever movies plus Chris Evans - yum!

Hope you're all well and expect some more regular blog posts soon :)

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