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Monday, 29 August 2011

I had a great time out clubbing with my best friend yesterday and I really loved my outfit/look!

(Classy haha!)

So, am a girl therefore as always I do get insecurities. On nights out as much as I try to look my best, there's probably one or two things I can fault. Not last night though. I don't want to sound all up myself or anything but I think I looked bloody hot last night! I was really really happy with my look.

The dress looks like it would be from Lipsy or something, I actually bought it for like £2.50 on my work experience at More! Magazine when they were selling all clothes, hair and beauty stuff for really cheap. So the dress was a real bargain! My work experience was back in April and I haven't had the chance to wear the dress yet (how sad is that) so I was soo happy to get to wear it! Also, I had to wear a strapless bra with it but because it was kind of a halter neck design I didn't even have to spend the whole night pulling it up.

I didn't want my makeup too over the top so I just tried to do a smokey eyed look and just smudged it a bit to give it a bit of an edge, and I wore fake eyelashes too. However the ones I wore are quite natural looking, if anything they just give your eyelashes that extra oomph! I love the lipstick I'm wearing, it's a really bright girly pink shade and I absolutely adore it. I tend to wear it on a day to day basis too but normally I tone it down with a more neutral shade on top as it can be a bit too bright on its own for in the day. However I just wore it as it was last night.

And my hair I just straightened then back combed it a bit to give it a bit of volume. I did want to curl it but didn't have time. I was stuck on what to do with my fringe as well as normally I pin it back but I didn't really have any clips or slides that would be okay for a night out so I just left it as it was.

The shoes I wore, I got these from a charity shop/shop that specializes in vintage clothing. I kind of regret wearing these shoes because I'm not sure what it was, but once I was drunk I couldn't walk at all. I know that sounds pretty self explanatory but even though I was pretty drunk (the most I've been in a while) I was struggling to walk and was tripping up all over the place! Yet when I took them off I was it was either the shoes, the drink or a mixture of them both. I was a bit gutted coz I only got to dance for a bit, in the end I took them off and just walked around barefoot (yes you think I'd learn from the time I got my foot cut open by glass WHILST wearing shoes). I didn't put them back on in the end haha! 

I also saw one of my ex's! I've got to hand it to him though, I always bump into him at the start of the night when I'm still looking good. I don't even know why he was there as I saw on Facebook that he was going to a grimy rock club at the other side of town but I can't say I wasn't happy, I haven't seen him in months and I looked bloody good. Mwah ha ha. Except about half an hour after I saw him the drink shot to my head and thats when I began falling over constantly, which I hope he didn't see but he probably did knowing my luck.

All in all I was really pleased with my look last night and reckon I looked pretty damn hot!

Outfit :

Dress : Unknown
Shoes : Unknown

Make Up :

Foundation : Colour Supplement in Light Yellow from LUSH and L'oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Cover Up : Beige shade Hello Flawless by Benefit
Eyeshadow : Number 66 Dazzle Dust by Barry M, and pewter base eyeshadow from Benefit's Smokin Eyes palette 
Eyeliner : Bad Girl by Benefit
Mascara :  Bad Gal Lash by Benefit
Blusher : Thrrrob by Benefit and special edition Rose De Jaspe Boujois Paris blusher
Lipstick : Beautyuk Lipstick in Candy shade

Accessories :

Earrings : Primark
Rings : Unknown
Fake Eyelashes : Perfect 10 Instant Lashes

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With Home Alone 1 & 2 on TV (the perfect solution to my hangover, snuggled up on the sofa with the quilt giggling at the movies), I decided to blog my all time top 10 favourite Christmas movies (in no particular order!). I don't care that it's early, we've not exactly had much of a summer and its less then 4 months until Christmas anyway! So, get your mince pies (and your mini sausage rolls for that matter – you can never go wrong with party sausage rolls!), your snowballs (the drink, clearly) and get comfy in front of the fire with these awesomely festive Christmas movies.
10. Love Actually

A film that deals with Christmas from various different points of view and in a selection of different situations. These include an ageing rockstar hoping to make a comeback with help from his manager, a best man falling for the groom’s bride and two somewhat shy people who meet as stand ins for movie sex scenes. So really, there’s something for everyone and there’s no excuse not to watch this film – you can watch it with your mum or dad, a friend, a sibling, a partner or even your pet!
9. The Holiday

Now, this one is terribly romantic but its worth a watch even just to imagine a lovely Christmas cooped away in a cozy cottage with snow all around. It’s funny and it has some of Hollywood’s biggest names staring such as Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law. Not one of Jack Black’s usual roles but he’s also very funny in it, so that may tempt your boy to give it a watch too!
8. Jingle All The Way

One of my favourites as a kid, and what is known to be one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (can’t believe I spelt that right – thank you Wikipedia!) worst career choices, this film is filled with family fun and will always be a favourite to me. It’s just outright funny and silly and revolves around Arnold’s character Howard generally being a less then great Dad and having to rush around on Christmas eve to get his son ‘the’ present of the year (having been asked ages ago by his wife but of course forgetting). It offers plenty of laughs and fun fact – according to Wikipedia it is the last comedy movie that Arnold (I’m not typing his surname again!) starred in – which quite frankly, doesn’t surprise me, but I still thought he was funny in it!
7. The Long Kiss Goodnight

Oh dear. I don’t think many people will agree with me. Despite not having seen it in years (but still loving it) I swear it has something to do with Christmas – maybe because the first couple of scenes are set at Christmas or at least there’s snow in the film? Nonetheless, associated with Christmas or not, its still one of my favourites. It features Geena Davies as a bad-ass mum after rediscovering her past, and she teams up with Samuel L – I have had it with these motherf**cking snakes, on this motherf**cking plane!- Jackson in a bid to rescue her daughter from some kidnappers she once worked with or something. It’s a good action thriller. And I’ve just remembered it reminds me of Christmas because of a car crash involving a reindeer..oh dear. Best leave this one to watch with your parents or your other half (brownie points), and no kids.
6. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This is very much a romcom, again loosely based around ‘A Christmas Carol’ starring eye candy Matthew McConaughey and the lovely Jennifer Garner. It’s your typical romcom of course – funny, romantic and lots of pretty people and features a Christmas wedding with lots of pretty decorations and snow. Boys, watch this with your girlfriends for lots of brownie points because Matthew McConaughey’s character is a bit of a player so there’s something for you guys too!
5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Just..hilarious! Chevvy Chase really makes this film (and the other National Lampoons which I’d suggest watching too) with his side splitting mishaps featuring his odd family. Definitely one to watch when your family are driving you nuts – siblings fighting, grandparents farting/burping/asking when will it be ‘your turn next’ etc – it’ll make you appreciate that they aren’t half as bad as the Griswolds!
4. Scrooged

This is a kind of a darker (but hilarious) version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ with Bill Murray. It’s the same story line modernized and is really funny, with a bit of romance too. On top of that, it has some great one liners.
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The animated success from Tim Burton, which has since become somewhat of a classic in modern culture, is also a bit dark. It centers around Jack Skellington, the ‘Pumpkin King’ of Halloween town, discovering Christmas and trying to re-create it for Halloween town, without really understanding the true meaning.
2. Home Alone (and number 2, but not number 3 and 4 with the other kid)

Do I really have to explain this one?
1. It’s A Wonderful Life

Another one to thank my parents for (the other being The Long Kiss Goodnight) is this lovely gem. It’s a classic for everyone really, and I used to watch it with my Dad a lot when I was younger, but only truly declared my love for it when I realised last Christmas I hadn’t seen it in years and insisted on watching it. I think you all know the story line –  family man George Bailey wanting to commit suicide on Christmas eve (if you haven’t seen it, its not as grim as it sounds, honest, read on!) until his guardian angel intervenes and shows him all the life’s George has touched and the differences he has made. I dare you to watch the whole thing without shedding a tear – its impossible. And this film is the basis for the famous lasso moon quote – “What do you want, Mary? Do you want the moon? If you want it, I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you. Hey! That’s a pretty good idea! I’ll give you the moon, Mary.”

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By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

They cost a fortune. They make you feel uncomfortable even though they look beautiful. They’re a must have for any occasion... no, I’m not talking about shoes, I’m talking about flowers.

Until you need flowers for an important occasion, you don’t realise what a huge business it is. There are a number of these prescribed occasions where flowers are not only a necessity, but expected: births, deaths, your great aunty Etna’s birthday and weddings.

There is a whole different world of flower lore – with meanings and a history of its own. With a single cut flower, you can give someone a message; by eating the leaves of a flower, you can ease the pain of childbirth. It seems befitting, therefore, that brides give such huge consideration to their flower choice at the wedding. So how does someone like myself go about choosing which flowers to have?

The wedding fayres have albums of the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements, corsages and buttonholes. The florists are so knowledgeable and helpful, you want to sound equally as knowledgeable as you nod along to their explanations of the ‘Muff Bouquet’ (no, don’t be crass, it’s apparently perfect for the winter wedding!) or the ‘Kissing Ball’ which seems apt.

So, I started looking into this whole ‘bouquets for weddings’ stuff – did you know that chrysanthemums are associated with funerals in Malta? That you can use a tulip bulb as a substitute for an onion? Neither of these seem like the ideal wedding flower! I always imagined having roses, until I saw that the rose family also includes apples, peaches and plums. Why would I want a flower with a plum as a relative at my wedding? After further research I came across a disturbing fact that put me off my quest altogether: did you know that one flower, the ‘titan arum’, smells like rotting flesh?!

I have spent a long time considering my flower arrangements for the wedding, so I hope you’ll forgive me readers, for not coming to a definitive conclusion this week. If you have any advice, please, contact me asap!

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Week of 22nd - 28th August 2011
(Note, I'm posting this a tad late as I've had a busy weekend!)

Blink 182 - Always
I used to love drawing and I found this picture I drew from an image I found on the internet which was taken from/based on one of my favourite songs/music videos. I've never been amazingly good at drawing but I've always been quite proud of this.

Pete Wentz ;)
I also found this, an 'academic year diary' we had to use in college...we had to decorate it too and I of course stuck a photo of Pete Wentz topless on the front. I used this diary for the most random crap too, not just academic stuff, I'd write in dates I was going on and the lot.

The Old Watermill
I love this place, its an old stored watermill thing but its set out like a little village filled with different quirky shops, its so pretty and it looks amazing at Christmas. They do it all up with snow and a grotto and everything!

Rainbow :)
Its pretty!

Rock Amigos
This is me and my bestie last night before a night out. I rarely ever see her but we always have a laugh when we catch up, it was a really good night! The only down side was that I was completely out of it, I couldn't walk! I'm convinced it was the shoes though as I was wobbling all over the place, when I took them off I was fine! I also bumped into my first ex boyfriend, I was fine with that as I looked pretty good (even if I do say so myself) at the start of the night when I spoke to him. However by an hour later I was falling over and everything, I hope he didn't see me in my drunken state!

I've had a nice week, it's meant to be on the down low but I suppose I can say my love life is looking up! Work has been dragging, the early mornings are killing me :( I stayed around my sisters on Saturday night and it was a fun night. We went out for Nando's with her boyfriend then came home and watched what turned out to be a French film which she didn't know at the time of ordering. But it was really good actually, albeit odd! 

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Our 'What's In Your Bag' guest blogger this week is Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic!

This is my gorgeous Accessorize bag that my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas, it was filled with bags of Flumps which are my favourite sweeties. I take this bag with me everywhere, as the colour is so versatile and neutral colours are my 'thing' so to speak. So now I have introduced you all to my bag, lets have a look at what's inside my bag...

Like every girl I always without a doubt carry my purse with me, I usually have some cash and of course the loved and battered debit card along with all of my other cards such as NUS, Boots, Tesco and yeah you get the picture. I brought this purse from Spoiled Brat as I had a £25 voucher to spend with them and as soon as I saw this I fell in love with it and knew I had to have it. Bambi was my favourite movie as a child and I still love it to this day :)

Criss-cross, More! magazine, pens and a packet of strawberry chocolate drops, these keep me going during a break at work or when I am on the bus into town. I have read More! magazine ever since I can remember and buy it every week, it is always in my handbag for a quick read and pick me up. I am quite sad when it comes to puzzles, I love a good old criss-cross challenge I am probably not that good at doing them without a little help to start with but once I get going I cannot stop.

The Body Shop Lip Butter - in Pink Grapefruit I am a huge fan of anything that has this scent so when I saw this in the shop I had to have it, it really does keep my lips so soft and has a slight hint of colour too which is always a bonus. My compact mirror was brought for me at Christmas from Liam's parents, they sure do know me so well as I love anyhting sparkly and leopard print effect, a compact mirror is a must in any girls bag. A handy packet of tissues, well just because you never know where might not have any toilet paper.

Random Question : Do you have any secret embarrassing celeb crushes?
Richard Hammond - Because he is just so small and cute and the power he has with cars ;)
Michael McIntyre - Mainly because he is funny and I love a person who can make me laugh
Phillip Scofield - WOW, No idea why and oh my goodness this has to be the hang my head in shame right now moment
Shane Richie - Mainly because of his cheeky character Alfie Moon in Eastenders, in fact it is probably Alfie Moon that I like the most!

Thank you to Louise for letting me do a Guest Blog spot on her blog and I hope you have all enjoyed reading and having a snoop into my bag.
Lots of love Rachel
Life of a Sweetaholic


Don't forget to check out Rachel's blog!
(I am looking for contributors for this weekly feature so if you are interested please send me an email on outlining a post similar to the one above!)

(Note - much like Laura's guest blog, this will feature every other week. Laura was unable to submit her guest post this week as she was on holiday! So one week Laura's post will feature, the following a 'What's in Your Bag' guest post, then vice versa!)
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Aww I got my first ever blog award this week - I'm absolutely chuffed! So I'd like to give a massive thank you to Abbie from DaisyDoDoes for this! So go and check out her blog now (just click on the blog name!)

The rules for receiving this award are to link back to who awarded you (as done above), to answer some questions and to finally award this award (haha) to other blogs you think deserve this!

Your favourite colour- Red :)
Favourite song at the moment- It has to be Cobra Starship - Fool Like Me (although I am also loving 'Hot Mess' by them!). I've liked this band for years and I have a total crush on the lead singer, I've even met him ;) Check out the song here
Your favourite dessert- Profiteroles without a doubt 
What is pissing you off- Just how tired I am from work
When you're upset you- Sulk for a bit and put on some music to make me feel better
Your favourite pet- Jasper
Black or White- White
Biggest fear- I don't know, probably dying alone!
Best feature- My hair or my eyes. Or my legs
Everyday attitude- I try to think positively, usually I'm quite ambitious or try to think in an ambitious sense too, if I'm at work and the day is dragging I just think of driving lessons/my own flat/holidays aka what the money can go towards
What is perfection- Perfection isn't a list of things, it's what's perfect to you, for example, nobody is perfect but if you can accept them for who they are, flaws and all, then they are perfect for you/your perfect/your idea of perfection.
Guilty pleasure- La Senza

And I award this blog award to the following amazing blogs, as I enjoy reading them on a regular basis and think they deserve an award :)

I've tried to use a wide range of different blogs and a lot of people I would have liked to of tagged have already received this award so if I miss anyone out, sorry!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For anyone who is not aware, to coincide with gaining 50,000 likes/fans on Facebook, Models Own has issued a 50% discount code available to use on any of their products!

To use, make sure your total (before check out) is at least £20 and then upon check out enter the code FIFTYFIFTY. Bear in mind though, however, with many people trying to use the discount code the website is crashing and people are having problems completing their orders. The code is valid for one week so don't feel you have to use it right away!

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week of 15th - 21st August 2011

I was in TK Maxx this week and they already had Halloween decorations in (they normally have them early!). How pretty. I miss trick or treating when I was younger. I remember once I had a Halloween party and tried to play this awesome Dracula game which was like a murder mystery but it went so wrong :( There's never much to do for Halloween these days, I'm thinking of going to a themepark this year for their Fright Nights.

New Job!
I started a new job this week and this is my desk. I still need more supplies. It's not the most exciting job in the world and I'm in 6 days a week, 5 of which are 6am starts but it's still a job. Having just come out of uni, I'm lucky to be on any income really! 

Customer Sketch
I work as a Data Processor Clerk which basically requires me to sort out loads of documents for various companies. Anyway the other day I opened an envelope and found this! It reads ;
'Dear Person,
I am completely satisfied with my services, but chucking away a pre-paid envelope seems ludacris. So ; I've drawn you a picture of a piece of toast chasing after a jar of PB :)
Your happy customer!
Haha! How random?!

We bought some new fish for our pond, look how small they look compared to the rest of them!

Scary :(
This huge scaffolding was in my work today - can you see the man at the top?! Then, the workmen moved the scaffolding to RIGHT BEHIND ME so it was actually OVER MY HEAD. I've never been so scared in my life.

Staple Love Heart
I just thought it was cute :)

Lovely view!
Today we had Sunday dinner at my sisters house and then sat in the garden in the sunshine. This was the amazing view...

So pretty!
I love my sisters house so much, its slap bang in the middle of the countryside, they live in a really awesome little village with one school and one village pub and I often stay at my sisters for a weekend and we go on scenic bike rides. It also looks amazing at Christmas too.

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