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Saturday, 3 December 2011

I'm A Celebrity Winner 2011 - Dougie Poynter is crowned Jungle King!

Dougie has won! I am so, so pleased and both surprised and not surprised at the same time. On one hand I knew he would win from the start as he's such a quirky, genuine person but on the other hand I didn't know if the public would agree so. I'm soooo happy that he's won, he really genuinely deserves it. As everyone else said, he seemed quite quiet at first but soon his antics and funny quotes were having the public in stitches! On a more personal note, seeing the way Dougie has talked about his girlfriend (who isn't famous) has effected me personally. Dougie is without a doubt a sexy indie boy rock/pop star and to see his reaction to his girlfriends letter in the jungle was really sweet! I suppose I've become a bit less cynical about relationships since watching Dougie in the jungle! And I've definitely gotten more hope into finding myself a rocker boy who plays in a band! I know, corny eh?

Well done Dougie!!

Now lets make it a double celebration and get his band mate Harry to win Strictly Come Dancing as well!


  1. I was so ridiculously happy for him- he's a babe!! The fact that this resulted in Danny Jones posting a naked photo of himself on Twitter makes King Dougie one of the best things that has happened this year!


  2. Same! I did not know this until I read your comment - I am very happy with that photo! Swiftly saved it to my desktop haha thank god you said otherwise I would have missed out :P


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