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Saturday, 24 December 2011

22 Things Before I turn 22 - Conclusion!

A few months ago I put together a list of 22 things I wanted to achieve before I turned 22, after I had seen many other people doing these things on their blog. Well, I turned 22 yesterday and I honestly thought I hadn't done too well with completing this list. However now that I've gone through them all again I think I've done okay!

1. Try and arrange a meal out or something fun with all my friends a few days before my birthday (it's so close to Christmas so that when I leave it until the last minute it's usually too late to get everyone together)
Done! I planned my birthday arrangements a month in advance this year with it being so close to Christmas I had to ensure everyone could afford it/didn't already have other plans. A bunch of us went out last night dressed as fairytale characters, me being Little Red Riding Hood. In addition to this, I also actually remembered to dye my roots/do my hair a few days in advance this year and got a spray tan the day before!
2. Get my first tattoo (if not before my birthday then on/for my birthday)
Not Done! But not through lack of trying! I went into the tattooist not long ago ready to book it up. I already had a design in mind, something I'd had my heart set on for years so I knew I wouldn't regret it. However it turns out the tattooist's studio was broken into and just my luck, one of the books with my design in was stolen! So I kind of regret not getting it done sooner. I thought about picking another one but nothing stood out to me and I've decided I'll probably get one designed instead. So although I didn't get one done, I'm kind of glad because I didn't want to get another design just for the sake of it and regret it later on.
3. Book or have a weekend away to somewhere like York or Blackpool
Done! I am spending a weekend away in Paris for New Years :) On top of that I am also visiting Sunderland again hopefully after Christmas and me and a few friends are planning to go to Amsterdam.
4. Try and have some fairly decent halloween plans for once
Done! Although my outfit didn't arrive in time and technically we didn't do anything on Halloween night, I went out with some friends for both Halloween/a friends birthday.
5. Start my driving lessons
Done! I have had two lessons to date and I am really enjoying them so far :)
6. Make all homemade Christmas cards for people this year
Not Done! I don't really have any excuse for this!
7. Start Christmas shopping early
Done! I ordered most gifts online last month. This must be the first year I've ever done this ha!
8. Be somewhat on my way back to being blonde
Not Done! I decided to stay brunette until at least after Christmas. However, I have started the slow process of using head & shoulders as suggested by my hairdresser so that the dark colour slowly starts to fade. Does this count?
9. Reach 100 followers on this blog
Done! Yay!
10. Sort out my love life by either going out on more dates, staying strictly single for a bit or giving things another go with the ex - no changing my mind or going from one to the other then back and fourth like I have been doing for the past 6 months. (Me? Baggage? Never!)
Done! The ex is no longer a part of my life anymore, I am also in the mindset of meeting someone new now. 
11. Make a start on writing a book
Done! You'll all hear more about this soon ;)
12. Finish my diary (I bought one after Christmas so I was writing my entries on the laptop, now I've got entries up until March written in the actual diary and entries up until now on the laptop that need writing in!)
Not Done! I'm not sure this was really achievable since I set this goal in September and had only written diary entries up until July. I barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone what was going on in my head months ago!
13. Tone up a bit/become generally more fit and healthy
Done! I got on the Zumba Fitness for the Wii a lot, lost some weight, gave up again. But then I also lost some weight over the past month or so when I oddly started eating unhealthy - missing breakfast and just snaking instead.
14. Learn to cook 
Not Done! Perhaps next year?
15. Sell my PS2 for either a PS3 or an Xbox 
Not Done! I have decided to keep my PS2 in the meantime anyway and I have plans to by an Xbox after Christmas.
16. Talk my Mum into getting me a teacup pig for my birthday/Christmas
Done! I didn't GET a teacup pig, but I definitely constantly talked and pestered her about it.
17. Either stay at home and be content spending New Years Eve with my family, or make plans well in advance and celebrate New Years Eve in a way that I won't regret
Done! Although I think my sister is more to thank for this! Paris here we come!
18. Get a kiss from my current crush
Not Done! I can't even remember who I fancied when I made this list. If it's who I think then no we didn't kiss but we almost did!
19. Start going to or getting tickets for gigs again
Not Done! Not yet anyway!
20. Try and manage a whole day in heels without taking them off
Done! Completed this task on the day of my brothers wedding.
21. Buy a decent pair of flat shoes for every day use
Done! I'm quite picky with shoes but I actually ended up with three pairs of flat shoes for every day use.
22. Treat myself to some lovely La Senza underwear
Not Done! But I did treat myself to some lovely underwear from Boux Avenue instead!

13 out of 22 isn't too bad! That's just about over half :)

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