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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Slava's Snow Show

You know when someone recommends something to you and so you go watch/see/listen whatever to it without knowing anything about it and it turns out to be amazing? Slava's Snow Show is just that. I may just be saying this partly because this amazing show is so indescribable that I cannot find the words to talk about it, but nonetheless before I continue further I must say GO AND SEE IT. Even if you don't like the sound of it from this review or you don't even read what I write, without a doubt go and see this show. Whether you're old or young, whatever you are into, you will love it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity seeing this show.

It starts with what I'd like to say a depressed clown trying to commit suicide. Yes, you read correct - a clown trying to commit suicide - but bear with me. It isn't even sad. There's nothing sad about this show. And FYI, he doesn't commit suicide in the end! To be honest though, the show's stars aren't exactly clowns...nor are they mime's very hard to describe what they actually are. This show doesn't follow a storyline and it doesn't make sense. But if I really had to describe it I would say its a magical, inexplainable, hilarious magical show.

I can't tell you what happens within the show without ruining it but I will reveal a little bit. The show focuses immensely on the audience. Don't worry, if you're shy you won't get forced on stage or be made to stand up in front of anyone. What I simply mean is that it's very interactive with the audience and involves them a lot - from a giant 'cobweb' emerging from the stage that you will have to pass over your heads to the people behind you, to a paper snowstorm that will quite literally bury you in paper snow. Sounds weird? You bet. Fun though? Most definitely.

It's funny, heart warming and is fun for all the family - plus it will get you in the Christmassy mood. Slava's Snow Show was created and staged by Russian performance artist Slava Polunin and won the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience. It was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event.

From what I've heard, the show only comes to the UK every four years. I saw it recently for the second time and it still absolutely blew me away. The best part of the show, for me, would probably be the end when they release these gigantic multicoloured balls into the audience and everyone begins to get involved - adults, children, grandparents etc - jumping up and pushing the ball to another area of the theatre or playing with the ridiculous amount of paper snow that has gathered on the ground. But, personally, I loved how all the actors/performers just sat or stood on the stage at this point, watching the audience. It was almost heart warming to see, the performers clearly loved how happy they were making the audience and how even adults were releasing their inner child for this magical show. It really was beautiful.

Just a note, when it comes to the intermission, I would recommend not to be too long in the toliet/getting your drinks or whatever. They all come out into the audience at this stage, wandering about at first but then 10 or so of them are suddenly causing full on mischief! And I mean absolute mischief, one girl even got picked up and they ran away with her on stage! It was absolutely hilarious. The first time I saw the show one of them came up to me and hugged me then revealed a massive old granny bra from his pocket, waving it above his head as if I was the one wearing it. Then when I went recently, another one climbed over me and, well, lets say paused for a good minute with his 'downstairs area' in my face, causing absolute hilarious embarrassment on my half. And if you do get a chance to see this show, I wouldn't recommend getting seats that are in the stands or on an upper tier/floor or whatever as you will miss out on so much of the show if you do.

I hope I haven't revealed too much in this review but if you ever get the chance to see it, please do. It is one of the most amazing experiences and honestly no matter how old you are or what you like you will love it. The first time I saw this I went in as a moody teenager thinking what the hell had I let myself into, convinced I would hate it. By the end I was laughing my head off and found it completely magical and heart warming.

I'm not bonkers by the way for this mad review trying to explain it. Angelina Jolie is also a massive fan of this show so if she likes it then trust me, it's worth it!

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