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Friday, 18 November 2011

Round up round up, free advice here!

Although I never ever follow my own advice, I've been told many times before that I offer really good advice. When I set up this blog this was something I wanted to do, offering my readers advice. I also wanted to offer, alongside with other advice, specifically dating advice or features. I wasn't sure how to go about it however until now.

From here on out you can now ask me advice on absolutely anything - from style, friendship, sex, dating, relationships, crafts, music...whatever! You can ask me using the form below and you also have the option of asking anonymously which means that no one (not even me) other then you will know who asked the question. Depending on how popular the feature becomes I will either post the question and my advice to the blog as I get them, or post them all on a certain day of the week. You can also check on the website to see if I have answered your question. As well as asking for advice, feel free to post any comments or feedback relating to the blog as well :)

When I decided to begin this feature I asked a few friends to anonymously submit some of their questions so there are already a few answered questions on there anyway. I will probably also do some things like 'Question Of The Day' on the website to give you a little bit of insight about me


  1. This is such a good idea! :) Next time I'm having a bit of a moment, I'll be sure to pop by and pick your brains!

    My new blog URL is

    I don't think I'm showing up on anyone's dashboard, and this makes me a very sad trooper indeed! Please could you comment me letting me know if my recent post has come up on your dash!? I will love you dearly if you could do this for me!

    Hope you are well Missy! xXX


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