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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pictures From The Present ; Snapshots of how I've spent this week

Week of 31st October - 6th November 2011

Pretty Trees
I took this earlier this week when me and my friend walked from work to have a mooch into town. I just think the tree's look so pretty, though it seems we haven't really haven't had much of an Autumn. We've pretty much jump started to Winter since this!

My Christmas Tree!
Yes I know this is a bit early but I bought this adorable thing from the 99p store and just had to try it out. It was, basically, a cardboard tree which I had to put together. Then upon adding the 'magic' water, the fluff grew and I was left with this! So cute and pretty! However it only lasts about 30 days so I will have to purchase another one in time for Christmas.

Creepy, huh? I spotted one of these at a craft fair in the summer and thanked my lucky stars when the same stand was at the same craft fair this weekend. I just love it, it's so quirky. It now sits proudly above my bed.

Book Worm
I popped into WHSmith to buy 'The Night Before Christmas' a book I'd heard loads about. I've not been able to put it down so expect a review on that soon! I've also read another Christmas book by Trisha Ashley, so with two of these books I decided to make use of the 3 for 2 offer and buy another one. I can't wait to curl up on the sofa reading these all over Christmas...

This weekend I went to see 'Slava's Snow Show' which is the most inexplainable but most amazing, beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I cannot even begin to explain what it's about or even what it is but if you ever get the chance to see this, take my word for it and go! I am displaying a weird face here showing all the 'snow' I found in my pocket from/after the show. If my word isn't enough to convince you to go and see it, maybe the fact that it is also Angelina Jolie's favourite show will...

We went to a fireworks display this weekend too where they had yummy hot dogs and this very warm bonfire. It seems firework displays don't often have bonfires anymore!

This week I've been...
Watching...Gossip Girl & How I Met Your Mother
Reading...The Night Before Christmas
Listening to...Katy Perry - The One That Got Away
Playing...A Christmas Jigsaw game on my Android Phone
Smelling of...Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on...Max Irons & Shiloh Fernandez
Loving...How it now officially feels like Christmas!

This week has been really, really great and I haven't stopped smiling. I went shopping with my cousin and Nan on Wednesday and got some bargains, and, as always, being out with my bonkers Nan provided a lot of laughs. This weekend has been amazing, I had a lovely family day out on Saturday with my parents and my sister seeing Slava's Snow Show. We also had yummy Nando's, visited a craft fair and went back to my sisters local village pub for yummy hot dogs and the fireworks display. Today I had a bit of a movie day and spent most of the day curled ip beneath my blanket reading 'The Night Before Christmas'. I also found out that my sister will be treating me for my birthday by taking me to Paris for New Years Eve! I've never ever done something so exciting for New Years Eve in my life! We are going for 2 days in total and will be spending the countdown on the green in front of the Eiffel Tower, sipping Champagne. Absolutely ideal.


  1. Sounds awesome! Intruiged about the snow thing and I really really want one of those magic Christmas trees!!!! :D xxxx

  2. Sounds like a great week. I love your 'This Week I've Been...' bit that you do :) xxx

  3. Thanks! Yeah it was a lovely week and I'd deffo recommend Slava's Snow Show! xxx


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