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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Layout

I'm looking to give my blog a bit of an overhaul for Christmas and was wondering if any of you girls knew any websites that offered free cute Christmas layouts for blogger? :) Thanks in advance! xxx


  1. I'm rubbish at finding good free layouts! But there's a girl who will make you one for a fiver! I can send you the link if you want? xxxx I awarded you! xxx

  2. Oooh yes please, that would be great!
    And aww thank you so much for the award :)

  3. I can never find good websites with decent free backgrounds. The only ones I know are Shabbyblogs (which I see you already know of) and The Cutest Blog On The Block. Love Shabbyblogs, they're always uploading new backgrounds so keep an eye out =) xx


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