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Saturday, 19 November 2011

10 Signs That Tell You You're Dating The Wrong Guy

Haha I saw this on Kandee Johnson's blog and just had to do a list of my own, it's so funny! So without further ado, here is my list of 10 signs that tell you you're dating/seeing/hooking up with/in a relationship with the wrong guy...
  • ...When a guy tries to be romantic by taking you on a drive overlooking the whole of the city after a date, but when you park up it turns out to be a dogging spot
  • ..When you're hanging out with a guy and his female friend who he's 'in love with but can't be with' turns up and they disappear for an hour - leaving you - and return crying. And then you still hook up anyway. Then about 5 years later tries to snog you in full view of your boyfriend when you bump into him at a club and he insists on 'saying hello'!
  • ...When a guy doesn't buy you birthday, Christmas or anniversary presents (apart from mushrooms and yes I mean the food and not the drugs!)
  • ...When a guy spends the whole date talking about how he has dandruff and makes you watch a long-ass movie which is basically about two guys getting high - then doesn't make a move on you anyway
  • ...When a guy takes four months to ask you out on a date
  • ...When a guy would rather spend time with his friends then comfort you after your grandad has passed away
  • ...When a guy invites you out clubbing then spends the night dividing his time between kissing and dancing with you and two other girls, all out of view from each other
  • ...When a guy who's name you can't remember ends up back at yours simply because you thought it was sweet that he bought you a pizza when you dropped your original one when drunk
  • ...When a guy rings you 50+ times every day for a week and won't stop texting you
  • ...When a guy disappears off the face of the earth for about 3 months and some randomer has his phone
And yes, all of these HAVE unfortunately happened to me. I sure know how to pick them ;)

(But at least they were all experiences and I have learned/will learn from them. And in addition, at least 3/4's of the guys mentioned here were very, very hot!)


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  2. Hahaha I absolutely love this post! It's quite worrying how many of those relate to my own life too. Men are both terrible and fabulous creatures! Xx

  3. I can definitely relate to the taking 4 months to ask you out on a date one. It's like...well you either like me or not haha.. xx

  4. Men are just idiots full stop, lol! xxx

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