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Friday, 7 October 2011

You Me At Six - Sinners Never Sleep Review

I have been listening to this album NON STOP since I got it. I absolutely love this album, I think it has absolutely everything an album should have.

It has a real raw sound, the band seem to have gone a bit more hardcore and less mainstream which is always great. Although I personally dislike screamo, I really respect the fact that they have used guest vocals from artists Oli Sykes and Winston McCall for some of their heavier tracks. If I remember rightly, the band actually used to be a lot more heavier before they became famous (they played at my local bar once and I passed up the opportunity to see them as I was told they were screamo which I dislike), and of course have become a bit more mainstream since then. It was really cool to see them go back to their roots so to speak. They slipped in the more heavy stuff sometimes with guest vocals on a couple of songs and beats and lyrics on others. Therefore it wasn't over the top and had a really good mix to please both old and new fans.

This album will take you on an emotional roller coaster and if I'm honest if you're suffering a break up at the moment, this album is the sound track to getting over that person! There is a really good mix of songs from the deep personal ones to the ones that make you want to just close your eyes and let go. 'Crash' in particular really tugged on my heart strings as it was such a beautiful heartfelt song and really reminded me of times with my ex boyfriend whereas the following track 'Reckless' was much more upbeat and made me just think along the lines of 'stuff you I deserve better!'. Sinners Never Sleep is one of the few albums that really has a song for whatever emotion you are feeling.

My most favourite tracks are This Is The First Thing, No One Does It Better Crash, Reckless and The Dilemma but to be honest I love them all! There is not one song I dislike, I even like the ones with a bit of screamo!

Some lyrics that really stood out for me were -

Just crash, fall down,
I'll wrap my arms round you now
Just crash, it's our time now,
To make this work second time around

We grew up,
We worked and changed our ways
Just like wildfire,
Been burning now for days,
Tearing down those walls,
Nothing's in our way
I said, nothing's in our way

And I know
I've said this all before,
But opposites attract
We try and run away,
But end up running back

This song, and these lyrics definitely made me stop in my tracks and think as it was almost as if they were about something personal that happened to me recently. 

This album is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. It's catchy, its fun and its easy to listen to whatever mood you're in. But for those of you who really find that music speaks to you then this album will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. I think that this is the bands best album so far, they've really pushed the boundaries by experimenting with new sounds and different songs without straying too far from what we know them for. I'd definitely give this 10/10 and demand that you all go purchase it now!


  1. Ahh I LOVE this album! And its funny me and you feel the exact same about it, Opposites Attract was also mine and my recent ex's song :) So that line also hit me hard. I adore all of their old and new stuff. xx

  2. Same! Although I suppose it would probably be a lot of peoples songs! That really hit me though coz when you listen to a song you associate it with what your going through but when I heard that line I wasn't expecting it to actually be about the same thing!
    I want to see them live again :) xx


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