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Monday, 31 October 2011

Get Spooked

For those of you who don't have plans this evening and don't fancy sitting in front of the TV watching reruns of spooky films you've seen a million times before read on...

Why not scare yourself silly a bit different this year with these awesome spine tingling interactive games!

Ever wanted to stay in a haunted hotel? Well now you can on without leaving the comfort of your own room. Dim the lights, turn up the sound and check in for a scary night. Enable your webcam and microphone to add to the experience and be prepared to face demon babies, ghosts and much more. You'll also need to think on your feet as this website requires you to take part in tasks to survive!

Note - Unfortunately if you're too scared to watch it in the day then you're out of luck - the website is only open between the hours of 6pm - 6am. Of course you COULD always change your computer clock to gain access, but that's cheating ;)

Asylum626 is a sequel to Hotel626 and this time focuses more on being more personal - using Facebook and Twitter interactively. Friends can help you in the game if you choose these options which makes it a lot more realistic! This time around instead of waking up in a hotel you are instead woken up in, obviously, an asylum, held hostage by a mad doctor. And rather then defeating demon babies and such, you are forced to interact in scary flashbacks. Just as spooky and much more personal, this is the perfect game to play after hotel626. However, to view the final scenes you must purchase a bag of Doritos which is kind of annoying.

Hotel626 and Asylum626 were made as a marketing tool for Doritos crisps! is more disturbing then scary and was created to technically raise awareness of how much information you post online, in particular on Facebook. Watch as a pervy man accesses your Facebook account and looks through your life and be amazed at just how much information a complete (possibly crazy!) murderer can find about you, simply by your Facebook page.

If you go on any of these websites, do let me know what you think! Warning, not for the faint hearted though!


  1. I tried Hotel 626 before and it scared me so much!! I wasn't very good at it though, I didn't get very far and just gave up. Going to try the lollipop one now :) xxxx

  2. I would never try this Hotel 626 alone!! Hahaha. I get paranoid with scary things. Anyway. Great post. And great knowledge about this site. Imagine getting spooked in a hotel without even being a guest to it. Nice!


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