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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dear Girls, Don't Be Insecure...

Calling all ladies! Hands up if you've ever felt self conscious! Perhaps you've felt like you're not good enough for someone, or you've compared yourself one time too many to that effortlessly beautiful girl on your Facebook that you don't even know. Maybe constant images of thin, groomed and tanned celebrities have made you feel down, or maybe even you've just felt horrible compared to your ex's new girlfriend.

I know I have. In fact, I know daily that some, if not all, of these things happen to me. I'm a girl, so it's natural right? All girls get self conscious. Well not anymore, I've had enough.

This post is about what makes me happy. What I like about my looks and my body. I'm going to tell you exactly why I am a pretty person and I don't care if it sounds stuck up. Everybody is gorgeous in their own way and everybody deserves to know it.

  • I love my eyes. I have blue eyes and I absolutely adore the patterns in them, they remind me of summer. I love my long eyelashes and how with the right amount of mascara my eyes stand out more. I love experimenting with my eye makeup and especially sporting the smokey eye look with black eyeliner smudged along my lower lash line...I love how edgy it looks.
  • I love my tragus piercing which was done completely out of the blue and spontaneously. I love how quirky it looks and how many people don't even know its there until I tuck my hair back behind my ear.
  • I love my hair. It's lovely, soft and thick (my sister is jealous as it's so thick!). Although I struggle to do most hair styles, I am never ever seen with a bad hair cut or hair colour...I have always loved my different hairstyles over the years and enjoy experimenting with new ones!
  • I love my legs. They may not be tanned and they may have the odd bruise but I love showing them off in a skirt or a dress, especially when they look sexy and long with heels.
  • I love my bum when I wear cute knickers or french knickers.
  • I love my curves, especially when I wear an outfit that really shows off my shape
  • I don't love my feet (I have a tiltman toe!) but I have learned to live with that by constantly painting my toenails bright colours, now I actually like showing off my feet! 
  • I really really love my smile when I actually do a cheesy grin!

So here's to you lot. Seriously, to all the insecure girls out there, let's make a stand and stop it! There's nothing wrong with fake tan and makeup if it compliments you, but it shouldn't make you. Everyone is pretty in their own individual way. I want to see all my readers posting blog posts similar to this one! Go on girls, big yourself up a bit and learn to love yourself. After all there's nothing more sexy than a girl with confidence!


  1. Good girl! Such a lovely post! xXx

  2. fuck you you fat bitch

  3. Oh that's charming coming from someone who a) is commenting under anonymous, probably too scared to comment under their real name and b) who hasn't even seen my body anyway!

  4. maybe not fat

  5. Why don't you come off anon and explain to me how I'm a bitch then? Maybe then I'd respect the fact that you were brave enough to not hide behind an anon account...then again maybe not :)

  6. That guy's a fucking fag.
    And you'd have to be really insecure to write an entire article explaining how un-insecure you are haha.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. FUCK YOU!! You think you have the right to put girls self esteem down?!? You chauvinist pig asshole!! All woman are beautiful and being self conscious is a hugely relevant problem.

  7. Confused! Lauren your comment doesn't even make sense, how does me listing my favourite parts of myself and my body make me insecure? Surely that's the opposite? And I don't think it's very nice calling that guy a 'fag', what a horrible word, I'd think you were actually the insecure one finding the need to post a comment like that trying to bring other people down.
    Barbara I don't know who your comment is aimed at but I agree with what you said

  8. Seriously, I hate that pic! Oh, so you say this girl (shows a pic of a gorilla) is a sexy? Okay, that makes sense. Also, if all are fucking beautiful, then all are average. Also, there is no fucking boy out there who doesn't think some girls are hot as hell and some girls are so ugly you can't even look at them. So bitch, pls, he must be transexual or something, or getting payed to take the picture, because that really doesn't make sense.

    It's like I give you a fat guy that smells like old pancakes and say "hey all guys are sexy in their own way, aren't they? you 2 should kiss!".

    Nope. Some people aren't sexy, and covering up by a cheesy image won't make it better, either. We are living in a world and we follow our instincts to the people we find attractive, so pls stfu.

  9. I don't know where the world sexy comes from considering it isn't even mentioned in the picture. And anything can be beautiful, who are you to define what does and doesn't constitute as beautiful?
    Beautiful doesn't always mean make up looking perfect or even no make up at all, it's not always about looks. I can understand where you're coming from because to a certain extent first impressions are based on looks. If you're not attracted to someone on first meeting then you're not going to be attracted to them at all, right? Wrong. People become attractive as you get to know them and the other way around. You could meet someone who is absolutely gorgeous but has a horrible personality and over time they'll become unattractive in your eyes.
    Whereas on the other hand you might meet someone who doesn't necessary fit in to society's idea of 'attractive' but as you spend time with them and get to know them you become attracted to them.
    You have no right to say that 'a fat guy that smells like old pancakes' isn't attractive in his own way. Some people are attracted to thin people ; others attracted to bigger people. I like men in tattoos and piercings but I'm sure loads of people disagree with me when I say this is attractive and instead feel it's off putting.
    Finally, don't come on my blog and start being rude, telling me to 'shut the fuck up' and that some girls are 'so ugly you cant even look at them', ESPECIALLY if you're not even going to do it under your own name. You must be pretty insecure to hide behind an anonymous account, probably worried that you're not all that yourself and if you show your picture people think that its YOU who's contradicting YOURSELF.
    Grow up and accept that not everyone is as shallow as you.

  10. Crack whores - disgusting
    Fat girls - disgusting
    Girls who mutilate themselves - disgusting
    The list goes on..

    All girls are beautiful? Fuck off. Girls like the above mentioned are not beautiful. The type of girls that obviously don't look after themselves or take no pride in their appearance. I'm sick of people saying 'Look at this fat girl, she's beautiful, just in her own way'. What way? In the 'if McDonalds bodies were attractive' kind of way? 'Oh, but she's got a beautiful personality!' Bullshit. Girls who obviously don't look after themselves enough to eat right or exercise.
    However these days when guys go gaga over a girl who eats right, wears nice clothes, wears makeup and keeps a nice, athletic figure can be considered a shallow, 'typical' guy. And the ones judging them are the physically inferior. Want to stop feeling so insecure? Eat right, exercise and look physically superior.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. yayness

    a lovely post. i love the optimism! im so insecure at times but i do have a will power to sweep it under the rug and be confident with my body. being fashionable helps too.

    <3 xo

  13. I completely agree, of course people feel insecure some times but the reason why we feel insecure is a whole other matter! It's so important to try and get a positive message across, a brief post on a small little post like mine won't make a huge difference, but it's a start! xx

  14. What's that supposed to mean?

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