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Friday, 9 September 2011

What's In Your Bag - Rebecca Smith

Our 'What's In Your Bag' guest blogger this week is Rebecca Smith from I always believed in futures!

This is my current day to day bag. I have only been using it for a couple of days but it is a bargain my Mum picked up in Primark - reduced to £1! Although it seems small, appearances can be deceiving...this actually fits all my stuff in, plus I can always find room for the boyfriends phone, wallet, satnav, keys, camera AND darts! All whilst still fitting in my normal everyday stuff that you shall see underneath!

This is my gorgeous purse. Tan in  colour, it is by Lorenzo, what I find to be a cheap but gorgeous alternative to the more expensive purses. I carry a lot of cards around with me, and rarely find a purse big enough to fit all of them. However, whilst I was on holiday in Great Yarmouth in June, I found this little beauty which fits all my cards, and even has a big enough slot to fit in a scan picture of my baby... its great!

This is quite a boring selection of items from my handbag. My brown and blue inhalers (which I keep on me, yet rarely use - even though I'm meant to use the brown one twice a day...), my house keys to my cottage & my parents house (plus a Rottweiler keyring because I love them, and Tigger because who doesn't love Tigger??), some paracetamol because its the only painkiller I can take whilst pregnant and my headphones for my Blackberry to cure my boredom on the bus ride to work.

My headphones seem to have made an appearance in this picture as well!
This notebook is where I jot down all my blog ideas, and I always keep two pens on me as I can guarantee someone I know will need one!

Here's my bag essentials. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant (MY LIFESAVER!! - it really sorts out dry lips), Impulse body spray, Barry M lipgloss which came free with the spray & Soap & Glorys  Sexy Mother Pucker volumising gloss - I recently picked this up for 75p on the clearance shelf at my local Boots - yet to see if it works but I shall be doing a review very soon!

Random Question : What's the one food you could never give up?
Sticky Toffee Pudding...YUM!

Don't forget to check out Futures for more posts including reviews, issues, beauty buys and rambles about life at

(I am looking for contributors for this weekly feature so if you are interested please send me an email on outlining a post similar to the one above!)


  1. Thanks for this, hun <3
    Linked up to it in my 'A Busy Bee' post :)



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