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Sunday, 25 September 2011

What's In Your Bag - Charlotte Manning

Our 'What's In Your Bag' guest blogger this week is Charlotte Manning from Confessions Of A Small Town Girl!

Hi this is Charlotte Elizabeth, Lousie Joy has kindly let me guest post on her blog, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :)

The bag i use on a daily basis to get me around everywhere is this one below:

It was a Christmas present last year from my fiance, i picked it of course and he did the really rubbish job of hiding it from me when it came in the post! Lol!
It was about £45 from the website, I love Paul's Boutique bags as they are all so unique and quirky and last ages, I've used this nearly every day for 8 months now.

 I love the inside detail which is leopard print, i like bags to look different and not the same, the outside is black snakeskin, it being black has the advantage of going with every outfit i own and can be used during the day and will look glam for the night because of its size.
The chain detailing and unique bag charm also gives it its fashionable twist making if different from very other bag.

Inside you will find all these bits and bobs, it can hold an awful lot and has been responsible for helping me sneak lots of food into the cinema before! Hehe!!

My More! magazine - I normally carry a magazine around with me or a book it depends which i read first, but it gives me something to read when I'm out and about and need something to do to pass time.

My Make up bag consists of lots of things, these things are my everyday essentials:
My M.A.C foundation - I use this everyday, its the one piece of make up i will splash out on as its the base for my skin, it gives me a glowing complexion without drying out my skin and is oil free so no greasy skin. for me.
My L'Oreal mascara - i need to invest in a waterproof version as i wear a lot of black make up and I'm forever reapplying my eyeliner or mascara when it comes off during the day, i think i need to invest in waterproof eyeliner as well! Lol!
My Rimmel face powder keeps on top of shine to make my make up flawless.
My pink 
L'Oreal lip gloss - this is great lip gloss and keeps my lips moisturised and shiny,
My Blush Pink 
Rimmel Lipstick - goes everywhere with me :) it always makes me look like I've made an effort, and can take me from fresh faced during the day to a little bit glam if I'm going for a meal :)
My E.L.F face primer, I've only started using this and have noticed a little bit of a difference, i have oily skin so it keeps shine at bay for maybe and hour longer but it creates the perfect canvas for when i put on my foundation.
My two sided brush is a foundation brush at one end and a blusher and face powder brush at the other end from H&M, its my godsend and is perfect for night out!!

I always carry around a perfume and I'm in love with Chanel, I have all 3 varieties and always pick a bottle up in duty free when I'm away, it always smells so floraley and stay put all day long :)

I suffer from dry hands a lot and i use this all the time, its gaurenteed to moisturise my hands for hours, and it smells so yummy!!!!!!I'm never without it

My purse, this was also a Christmas present from my fiance, its not a purse I would of picked myself but I love it more for that reason :) its got lots of pocket and compartments so i can carry all my cards and cash around :)

My blackberry and also my godsend, I could never be without this baby, it goes everywhere with me! Lol!
I love my blackberry chat and have all my close frinds on there, it stores all my personal info, dates emails, you name it!!
The poor thing has an almighty scratch on it though from when i dropped it but it still works despite the 100 times I've dropped it oooops!!

& lastly my keys, i have two pairs, one for my dads since I'm down there nearly everyday, (it doesn't feel like I've moved out! Lol!)
& a 
pair for mine and my fiances flat :)

That's everything i have in my bag, not an awful lot but its all the basics that get me around!!

You can follow my blog here:

My blog consists of everything girlie, fashion, make up, and a little bit of everything :)

(I am looking for contributors for this weekly feature so if you are interested please send me an email on outlining a post similar to the one above!)


  1. Love the bag charlotte!! :) x

    I awarded you Louise - ♥ x

  2. thank you for putting this up on your blog and letting me post lovely!



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