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Monday, 26 September 2011

This Month's Top TV

September is one of my favourite times of the year TV wise. It's just starting to get cold, so it means a lot of those cosy nights on the sofa underneath a blanket with a cup of tea - with great TV of course. And September normally means some of the best shows returning on our screens after a summer break. Here is my top pick of all the returning shows this month!

Gossip Girl
returns 26th September with season 5

The 5th season of Gossip Girl says goodbye to the characters of Eric, Jenny and Vanessa (thank god, she really annoyed me!) and instead welcomes some new characters, including a role by Elizabeth Hurley! This season focuses at first on Blair finding really how stressful it can be planning a royal wedding, Chuck and Nate visiting Serena, Dan suffering the consequences of writing about his closest friends and the return of cousin Charlie. After that, who knows!

The Vampire Diaries
returned 15th September with season 3

The sexy vampires are back with a bit of role reversal this season! Normally Damon is portrayed as the bad brother but this season sees Stefan taking his place and going on a rampage with Klaus, where instead Damon is left to pick up the pieces with Elena. Which, of course, we hope will ultimately lead to the two becoming much closer.

How I Met Your Mother
returned 19th September with season 7

Lily and Marshall are expecting a baby, Robin is still in love with Barney and Barney is trying to win back Nora in season 7. And Ted? Well, Ted is, as always, searching for the one he's meant to be with, despite admitting to losing faith at first. We also have a surprise in that The Slutty Pumpkin finally returns and the mystery is solved with Katie Holmes guest starring in the role.

American Dad
returned 25th September with season 5

It's not quite the same as the other shows mentioned in this post but I couldn't leave it out! This hilarious show returns with storylines such as Roger traveling to the Middle East to support the troops but getting capture by an alien hunter, Stan getting a curse that makes him age backwards and Hayley adopting a baby who is an evil incarnate.

(Please note all of the above shows return on these dates in America, not in the UK! But episodes are always available online the day after the episode is first aired)

The Only Way Is Essex
returned 25th September with season 3

The so-bad-that-its-good series is finally back and a lot has changed! Amy has left, two italian stallion (twins) join the cast, Mark and Lauren are off (again), Kirk and Lauren have split up as have Sam and Joey and weirdest of all, Arg and Lydia are together!

Made in Chelsea
returned 19th September with series 2

Even more bad then TOWIE, this slightly more posher version sees Ollie in a new relationship with Chloe, Cheska and Binky feeling that they are in the middle of Ollie and Gabriella, Spencer wants to become friends with benefits with an old flame called Louise (not me!) and Hugo and Millie's relationship beings to deteriorate. Oh, and I think Caggie has finally gotten rid of that denim shirt.

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  1. i love the clothes on gossip girl. everyone looks so chic!

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