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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ghosthunting with The Only Way Is Essex

I have to say, I loved this show last night! I'm afraid that the shows Most Haunted and TOWIE are definitely the 'you either love them or hate them' type of shows but I certainly love them. I've always had a huge interest in anything spooky and Yvette Fielding is just plain awesome. I've got to say I love how she can get really scared sometimes but she really is a bad-ass, I love it when she starts screaming and swearing insults at ghosts to get a reaction! I've really hated the fact that Most Haunted hasn't been on our screens for ages! I'm happy to have a friendly debate about this subject with anyone but in my personal opinion I believe Most Haunted to be completely genuine! Although Ghosthunting with TOWIE technically WASN'T part of Most Haunted, it was close enough. I am also a shameless fan of The Only Way Is Essex...I tried to resist it for so long but then I was hooked!

So putting the two together was great entertainment for me. I loved watching the cast of TOWIE (Amy Childs, Sam Faiers, Mark Wright, James Argent, Joey Essex and Harry Derbidge) get completely scared out of their wits and some of their reactions were just hilarious. There were also some spooky bits that genuinely freaked me out a little bit!

I have to say the funniest part of the evening (apart from seeing Arge's somewhat constipated face when he was strapped into a chair) was when my Mum, who had never seen TOWIE before in her life, suddenly went 'Ooooh Bejazzle me!'. Before asking me what 'bejazzle' meant. Never mind the fact that she got it wrong, when I refused to tell her what it meant and only revealed that it referred to something rude, she still continued to go 'Ooooh Bejazzle me!' throughout the night! Me and my sister have concluded that a bejazzle would probably refer to the same thing only instead, er, on your backside...
I'm really hoping that this means Most Haunted will be doing another series soon.

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