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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Blog Planning

I don't know about you, but I often find myself struggling when it comes to planning blog posts. Usually when I get an idea I've forgotten about it by the time I'm home or I'll just tell myself I'll blog about it 'soon'. However, then I found the idea of blog planning! I was mooching around on some craft blogs and found that people had printed out blog plans, made them into a notebook and written in their plans. I printed one out and immediately spotted the difference, instead of typing a note somewhere on my laptop, I had a space for all my notes and plans and to see it written down in front of me meant it was far better planned already and that I wouldn't forget to blog any time soon.

I know a lot of my readers are fellow bloggers so here are some great print outs I found from other sites which may help you in planning your blog posts!

Taken from Perideau Designs

This A4 page spread has three different 'entries' where you can fill and plan your blog topic/post. It's very simple and straight to the point, displaying sections where you can note down key words, other websites for inspiration and a small promotion check list! I adore it and the fact that you can plan up to three posts on this single sheet of paper makes it excellent for when you are doing posts that link up or may be posted around about the same time. An ideal thing to do would be to print out a bunch of these pages and keep them in a notebook or a binder, especially if you are thinking of your blog in a more professional sense as this is also a way to keep a tracked archive of all your posts. For more information on this idea, please click here which will take you to the blog post displaying this free printable. Make sure you visit and subscribe to this blog if you do use this planner.

To download this free blog planner click here.

Taken from Wild Olive


Sew Tara

This other excellent blog planning technique is useful for planning a set of blog posts per week rather then each post individually. This was a collaboration between Wild Olive and Sew Tara, Saw Tara had the idea and Wild Olive designed it. Sew Tara went on to make it into a blog specific notebook and designed her own front cover for the notebook. This also doubles up as a general planner and is more complete-task-and-tick-off specific, whereas the first planner incorporated most details of blog posts very specifically. Again its very straight forward with general sections to fill in for contacts, photos and research etc. Click here for the post where I found this free downloadable printable, where you can also find some more information and tips on filling it in.

You can download it here.

Finally, I attempted to make my own!

It's not very good! I am practicing and playing around with something (which you will all be eager to hear about!) and thought I'd use it to make my own. I took ideas from both blog plans mentioned above, most specifically the promotion list which I added a bit more too. I also tried to use some nice pastel colours! My printer is a bit dodgy at the moment so I have no idea if this would print out nice or not but there you go anyway! Just click on the picture to be directed to a page where you can download it.

Up until recently discovering these blog planners it had never occurred to me to use something entirely made for planning my blog. Normally I would simply jot down notes here and there and leave it at that - forgetting about them. It's no surprise that by properly planning things in advance would work out much better. So therefore I hope that if any of you avid bloggers choose to use any of the planners mentioned above, I hope it benefits you!

Finally I mentioned a few paragraphs up that you will be eager to hear about something. I have a giveaway coming up based around crafting and a very lovely lady from a very lovely company approached me about it (this is the first time a company has contacted me regarding a giveaway on my blog so I'm chuffed!!) and I've got to say you will love it. It also coincides with the fact that I've been planning to do more craft related posts for a while now so it's really perfect timing. This giveaway will coincide with the beginning of this new feature and I plan to let you all know more about the giveaway this weekend so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to our planner! And I love that you made your own. You may find as you use it, that there are things that you need or don't need on there...personalizing makes it more fun!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! :) It's such a nice, helpful idea, as so often I'll have a really good idea, sit in front of the laptop when I get in, and have a complete mind blank haha. Xxx

  3. Thank you (both of you!) for having a look at my blog!
    Yes, I completely agree, it seems like such a straight forward typical idea, of course you'd need a planner of some sort when it comes to blogging especially if you are very serious about it but it never occurred to me! And I'm forever forgetting the ideas I had!
    I think I'll have to have a bit of practice with making my own haha :)

  4. I absolutely loved this post. I am using the blog planner by Perideau. I wrote a post on my blog about it and I linked back to you and to Perideau's blog. Check it out:

    I really love your blog. I actually searched all over this blog trying to figure out how to follow it. Normally if I can't easily find a follow button, I just give up and forget it, but I love this blog so much that I HAVE to follow it. I want to get the feed for my Google Reader.

  5. Aww thank you, that's really sweet!
    There should be a button directly underneath the URL bar, but I agree I've been on blogs before and have struggled to find a follow button! I must add one to the sidebar...thanks for linking back to me as well and following, I'll follow your blog now :)

  6. There's also a follow button at the very bottom of the blog/page where it lists my followers :) xxx


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