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Thursday, 15 September 2011

22 Things Before I turn 22

I recently saw this idea on Rachel's blog and absolutely fell in love with it, it's so cute and quirky! And so I thought I'd do a post on it myself. Unfortunately, I'm 22 in 3 months, so I have to try and not aim too high this time around, but I think I'll have some harder to reach goals when I without a doubt do a '23 Things Before I Turn 23' after my birthday!

1. Try and arrange a meal out or something fun with all my friends a few days before my birthday (it's so close to Christmas so that when I leave it until the last minute it's usually too late to get everyone together)
2. Get my first tattoo (if not before my birthday then on/for my birthday)
3. Book or have a weekend away to somewhere like York or Blackpool
4. Try and have some fairly decent halloween plans for once
5. Start my driving lessons
6. Make all homemade Christmas cards for people this year
7. Start Christmas shopping early
8. Be somewhat on my way back to being blonde
9. Reach 100 followers on this blog
10. Sort out my love life by either going out on more dates, staying strictly single for a bit or giving things another go with the ex - no changing my mind or going from one to the other then back and fourth like I have been doing for the past 6 months. (Me? Baggage? Never!)
11. Make a start on writing a book
12. Finish my diary (I bought one after Christmas so I was writing my entries on the laptop, now I've got entries up until March written in the actual diary and entries up until now on the laptop that need writing in!)
13. Tone up a bit/become generally more fit and healthy
14. Learn to cook 
15. Sell my PS2 for either a PS3 or an Xbox 
16. Talk my Mum into getting me a teacup pig for my birthday/Christmas
17. Either stay at home and be content spending New Years Eve with my family, or make plans well in advance and celebrate New Years Eve in a way that I won't regret
18. Get a kiss from my current crush
19. Start going to or getting tickets for gigs again
20. Try and manage a whole day in heels without taking them off
21. Buy a decent pair of flat shoes for every day use
22. Treat myself to some lovely La Senza underwear

I hope I stick to my list! I think, just after my birthday, I will do another post summing up what I have or haven't achieved on this list and write about what difference it may have made!


  1. I love this list :) I am sure that you will do them all no problem at all, some really good ideas in there :) xxx

  2. Haha, that cake looks yum!
    Good luck with your list! xx

  3. Ooh I love this list!
    I think I may have to do this too!

  4. Haha this is a great list! I especially love the 'teacup pig' one. Those things are gorgeous! If you get one, you must post lots of pictures! Xxx

  5. Ok so I definitely have to copy this. I will be 25 in December so better time than any to get started on my list. I will definitely link back to you and to Rachel's Blog.

  6. It's tougher then it looks girls!

  7. nice post;)x good luck:}x


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